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Guide to Learning French


New to France and want to take French classes, or are you ready to take your French to the next level ?

The Mairie de Paris (The city hall of Paris) offers French classes for foreigners through their Cours Municpaux d’adultes (Adult classes). The classes operate on a trimester schedule, and they normally open registration a month before the start of the trimester.

One good thing about these classes is that they are extremely affordable (90-170 euros) for the year depending on the frequency of the course per week (ie. 2-3x per week). I have taken classes where the courses was twice a week which cost me 130€. They have course options for various French levels in different locations throughout Paris. The also have a large variety of other language courses (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, and other activities (cooking, music, fashion design). Check out the available course and you can sign up online here.

TIP:  These classes fill up really quickly so it is best to sign up as soon as possible. They often ask for a motivation statement (250 charcters max), on why you want to take a particular course. Since the demand is extremely high for these courses, you are more likely to get selected if you express a need to take the course to assimilate to life in France, or you can stress the need for professional development.

The Association Philotechnique, also offers affordable French classes for foreigners. Foreign language course are once a week for the academic school year, and cost about 50-55 euros.

Here are other schools that are more costly but another option as well.

  • Campus Langues– offers evening classes , business French classes, and intensive classes as well

  • Accord Langues – they have evening classes that are about 45€ a week, as well as 4-6 week intensive courses

  • AAA– is a language school that several friends of mine have enrolled in to be able to stay in Paris as a student learning French.

  • La Sorbonne– offers a variety of French classes for foreigners ranging from summer intensives, evening courses, and day time courses.

  • Ateliers de Conversation– if you are looking to improve your conversation skills, Centre Pompidou offers free conversation exchanges for foreigners to improve their French as well as other languages such as Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese.

Hope this post helps in providing you with a few different options to learn French!