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8 Cafes to get work done in Paris

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For the past couple months I have been adjusting to my new found freedom of working freelance, and no longer having to go to an office everyday. I’m surprisingly very productive working at home, but some days I need to recharge and work from a different environment to spark my creativity and feed off the energy of other people working. Five or six year ago the only places you could find à café to work was Starbucks. Today in Paris there are so many specialty cafés, and restaurants that have WIFI and a comfortable environment, but not everyplace has space or setting to actually be productive.  There are also so many new co-working spaces that have amazing spaces and are perfect for freelancer or startups, but the downfall to many of them is the price tag that comes with them. It has been trial and error of testing out place where there is enough space, not too busy, outlets, and you can feed off the energy of other people working. Whether you are looking for a space to respond to emails, or to finish up a freelance assignment, here are a few of my favorite places to get work done in Paris.

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La Recyclerie

La Recyclerie is like a swiss-army knife- you can find everything you need in one place (café, restaurant, co-working space, urban garden). The space is huge which makes for a prime working space, you have your choice of environment whether it is in their large open space, upstairs co-working space, or even outdoors. The best part about this place is the ambience. This carefully designed and socially conscious space is dedicated to eco-friendly practices so there is no food waste here, quality food, and the décor is amazing. Another thing about this place is that it is open late, unlike most cafés that close pretty early in the day

 Hours: Open everyday

Mignon Café

Mignon in French means cute, and the name of this café is fitting. It is a new edition to the 18th arrondissement located on Rue Caulaincourt. With a lovely glass vitrine, exposed brick, NY industrial loft vibes, you have several seating options. There is seating at the front of the café as well as a large table in the back where people often work. They serve coffee from the neighborhood roasters Café Lomi and they serve breakfast, lunch, and brunch on the weekends.

Hours: Open Tues-Sun 9:00-17:00

Yellow Tucan .jpg

Yellow Tucan

Located near Place des Vosges, you will Yellow Tucan tucked away on a quite street in the Marais. There are about 4 small tables inside the café that are each equipped with an outlet which makes for a great place to set up shop with your laptop. They offer specialty coffee from rotating roasters, gourmet pastries and fresh-pressed juices. There is not a lot of traffic on the street of the café, which makes for a pretty low-key spot to get some work done.

Hours: Tues -Sun closes at 18:00

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Craft Café

This is a great place to go for a co-working environment. The concept of this café is that you have a 4€/hour flat rate that you can count towards what you consume (coffee, tea, food), or to just pay for the connection. For example if you buy a cookie for 3€ you can connect to the WIFI for 45mins, a latte for 4,50€ allows you access for 1.5hours. Once you purchase something you are given a ticket, which begins to clock your time, and you pay for your time at the end if it isn’t already covered by what you consumed. One perk to having paid time for WIFI access forces you to be productive with your time. Where as the downfall is that you can quickly spend a lot if you spend a lot of time at the café.

Hours: Mon-Fri 09:00-19:00; Sat- Sun 10:00-19:00

Anti-Café at Station F

The new start up campus-Station F is the epicenter of all things related to startups, creativity and innovation in Paris now. However, you can only work there if you are a member. But Anti-Cafe is open to the public and it has cool Google office vibes, with bean bags, fun desk seating, and unlimited access to Wifi, food and drinks for 5€. The day rate caps out at 24€  (5hours and up) and they offer -15% for members (free to sign up), and 10% for students.  They have multiple locations in Paris, but I prefer this one for start-up, creative vibes.  

Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00-20:00


Café Lomi

The well reputed neighborhood coffee roasters of the 18th arrondissement that supply coffee to many restaurants and coffee shops in Paris, also have a work-friendly space in the café. As soon as you walk in your greeted by the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and you will see many people typing away on their keyboards.

 Hours: Open everyday 10:00-19:00

République of coffee

Located right off the bustling Place de République you can find this picture perfect café/ healthy/Mexican food restaurant. You can order your choice of coffee, fresh-pressed juice, or even a charcoal latté with one of their delicious baked goods, healthy bowls or Mexican inspired dished, while enjoying the beautiful natural light that shine through their large windows. The only downfall of this place is that the drinks and food are good so it is often busy, and finding a spot can be difficult. So it is best to go before the lunch rush or later in the day for a more calm work environment.

Hours: Mon- Thursday 8:00-18:00; Fri-Sat 10:00-19:00


Sylon de Montmartre

Sylon is a down to earth café in the Montmartre neighborhood less than five minutes away from Abbesses metro station. You can find this coffee shop on the corner of XXX and it has everything you need for a productive day of work-good coffee, baked goods, and they now serve lunch. I recommend grabbing a seat near the large windows, and trying one of their freshly baked cakes of the day.

Hours: Open everyday except Tuesday

Hope this post helps! Check out some of our other favorite Paris Cafes on IG!