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"I had 48 hrs to see the best that Paris had to offer and that was exciting, nerve-wrecking, overwhelming and wonderful all at the same time.  I must admit, 48 hrs in Paris is super ambitious however we seemed to cover so much ground and do a million things all after waking up and getting dressed around 10am (after a very delayed flight). Wearing a cute trench coat and tennis shoes was the best idea as well because we got a typical Parisian day with a pop-up rain storm.  Without LVL experiences, my trip would not have been nearly as authentic as it was.  From taking the underground train, to killer shopping, walking the streets of Montmartre, admiring the breathtaking views, enjoying lunch in a small side shop and losing track of time in the downtown pizza/shop whiskey speakeasy-Paris was incredible. 48 hours in Paris was enough to convince me that I must return soon.”-Taylor, Havard Law Student

“La Vie Locale experiences offers a wealth of knowledge and resources to recent expats and tourists. Her amicable demeanor ensures an effortless and enjoyable process; eliminating many travel hassles often faced by the typical Parisian novice.  Maya takes great care in ensuring services are personalized to meet each client's specific needs. My most recent trip to Paris wouldn't have been the same with LVL experiences special touch!”-Nyrie, Communication Brand Strategist,NYC

“My Parisian experience was a joy... First up on our agenda was Le Paris Noir, a walking tour recommended by Maya. This tour took us through several Parisian neighborhoods, rarely shown in magazines, to explore sites were famous black American artists like Josephine Baker, Richard Wright, and James Baldwin frequented such as Café de Flore and Café Tournon. I especially appreciated the very thoughtful history lesson that was shared along the way. With Maya, we visited neighborhoods that are less frequented by tourists and saw how average Parisians spend their day relaxing at cafes, people watching, reading in the park or shopping. It was a treat. Maya also accompanied us to a couple of lounges in the evening to get a feel for how Parisians unwind. The music was familiar, and the drinks were tasty. The people low key. It was a perfect end to a sweet trip to The City of Lights.”- Aisha, NY

“Where do I start: thanks so much for an amazing weekend!  I had such a blast and I am so grateful to you for making my 30th one to remember!  Thanks for organizing so many things catered to my interest: the walk around Montmartre was great, the urban farm/cafe was inspiring, the Birthday dinner was, well, memorable, and the gifts were too much!  Thanks for your hospitality and generosity, it made the magical city of Paris that much more amazing!”-Nick, American expat living in Frankfurt, Germany

“I am currently in the process of moving to Paris from NYC - and working with Maya has helped ease all of my fears. Maya has been in Paris for many years and the wealth of advice and information she's given me has been invaluable. I can say without hesitation that this move would not be happening if it were not for my conversations with her. She's been available for any questions I've had and has been extremely patient with me with my moving anxiety.”-Robin, NYC

“Anxiety never mixes well with a move. Especially when that move is to a country whose language you barely speak. To combat my anxiety, I found myself spending my first few weeks in France furiously searching a medley of blogs, social media groups and travel sites, searching for information that would calm my nerves and allow me to ease into Parisian life. When I felt inundated with information, I turned and returned to La Vie Locale. I’ve found this site to be easy to navigate with information that is explained and organized in an uncomplicated manner. La Vie Locale has helped me navigate multiple visas, the apartment hunting process and several other nuances of expat life. Two years after my move, La Vie Locale is still the first (and often only) place I go when I want to improve the quality of my Parisian life.”-Marva, Art History student in Paris from Cleveland

"When I first arrived in Paris I was overwhelmed by how I lost I felt. I spoke the language but there are small things that only a local person would know and I struggled adjust to it all. When I met up with Maya, she gave me tips on how to find out the best marchés, free fun events, working on my visa, to how serious Parisians were about les vacances/jours feries . She helped me feel a lot more comfortable and settled; thanks to her kindness, adventurous spirit and wide knowledge of the city, my transition from the States to France was great." -Rachel, Boston, MA


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