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La Belle Assiette- Your in-home chef experience


I recently had the chance to do two of my favorite things- host friends and enjoy a delicious meal. The best part was I didn’t have to do a thing-no cooking, no cleaning, or washing dishes thanks to La Belle Assiette. All I had to do was invite my friends over and the rest was taken care of.

La Belle Assiette is like your magic genie that takes the stress out of hosting.  Imagine having a full restaurant quality experience in the comfort of your home, minus the task of cooking and cleaning. La Belle Assiette sends a chef to your place that takes care of all the shopping for your selected menu, they prepare the meal, serve the meal, and clean up afterward. The concept of having an in-home chef isn’t new and is often associated with an expensive price tag, but the great thing about La Belle Assiette is that they have a variety of menu choices that range from 39 to 100euros, which is pretty affordable for the service you get.

Our lunch was  prepared by Chef Ludovic Brassaud who specializes in cuisine for La Reunion Islands. For his dishes, he explained to us that he likes to revisit recipes from his grandmother and give them a French flair. As my friends and I were sitting and chatting we could smell the delicious aromas coming from the kitchen and each course was a surprise.


Here is a recap of our experience below:

FIRST, we started off with Champagne as an apéritif , followed by several different starters that included: chicken and vegetable samosa, shrimp ravioli.


THEN, we moved on to the main course which was home made smoked sausage, served with rice and beans on a banana leaf.


LAST, but not least we finished off with a Cafe Gourmand ( an assortment of bite sized desserts) that included a pineapple cake, mango panna cotta, and a creme brulée.


If you are looking for a stress free dinning option I highly recommend La Belle Assiette. You can also find more information about Chef Ludovic Brassaud here. Thanks again for this awesome experience and all the photos.