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La Vie Locale Experience

For quite some time I’ve been playing with the idea of putting to use my Paris insider knowledge into a service people can actually experience and enjoy! After  showing people around during their trips to Paris, and receiving countless emails from people looking to experience Paris from a different lens. I decided the most natural thing to do is to expand the blog to something a little different.

After months of hard work, I am happy to announce La Vie Locale Experience, which is dedicated to providing carefully curated experiences from a local’s perspective that cater to your diverse, needs, budgets, and interest. Food lovers, Fashionistas, history buffs, artists, entrepreneurs … Paris is the perfect playground for you. La Vie Locale experience is here to help you explore the often overlooked gems of Paris. Likewise, we provide services for those looking to make the leap to move to Paris for your studies, creative hiatus, or work. We know moving abroad is overwhelming in itself, with extensive knowledge of the process of moving and getting settled in Paris we are here to help you make things a little bit more seamless.

If it’s your first time in Paris, 5th time, or your traveling as a group, we have something for your different traveling needs. To learn more about the different La Vie Locale experiences head on over to our new site here.

” Discover Paris through a different lens”.