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EAT Paris

  • Photo Cred: Pancake Sisters
    EAT Paris

    Where to EAT in Paris…

    I find myself collecting business cards from the restaurants/bars/cafes I try, and have accumulated a big pile of cards that are just cluttering up my place. I’ve been racking my brain…

  • @lavielocale
    EAT Paris

    La Chouette Velo-Cafe

    A couple months ago I was biking around Strasbourg -St.Denis area, and I noticed  La Chouette Velo-Café ( Bike repair and cafe). I finally had the chance to stop in this week.…

  • @Lavielocale
    EAT Paris

    Boneshakers Paris

    You may know of Boneshakers doughnuts from their pop ups at different specialty cafés in Paris! Just three weeks ago they set up shop for their own doughnut shop. Paris is truly…

  • @ParisPicnic
    EAT Paris Life in Paris

    Take Out Made Easy

    The concept of ordering take out is on the rise in Paris. Two years ago when I was when I was working at a restaurant I noticed, there was a scooter…

  • EAT Paris

    Paris Cafés from A to Z 

    I’m so excited to share a creative project I have been working on in collaboration with illustrator, Yukiko Noritake, called Paris Cafés from A to Z. It’s an illustration themed guidebook…

  • EAT Paris

    A Food Lover’s Guide to Paris

    If you love discovering the food of the different cities you travel then Paris is a great place to exercise your taste buds. Just as The City of Light is considered…