Lisbon in 36 hours w/ TAP Stopover

Have you ever managed to do 2 trips in one via a long layover? One travel hack I’ve learned is to always check out what airlines offer during long layover.  On my way flying back from Australia a couple years ago, I had a long over in Dubai with Emirates airlines. I learned if you have a layover longer than 8 hours they offer a free hotel, airport transfers, as well as  meal voucher so you can leave the airport and explore the city a bit. Ever since I always check out what I can manage to fit in to make 2 trips out of one. While I was planning a trip to Ivory Coast I noticed Tap Portugal airlines had the best rates as well as a long layover option in Lisbon for 36 hours

I’ve always wanted to go to Lisbon and thought this would be a great way to get a little crash course into the city! So I booked my flight with TAP and later found it they have a lot of cool offers through Tap Stopover, which offers you a wide variety of deals to explore this city during your layover. 

TAP Portugal stop over

Some of the offers include:

  • A free experience i.e. Port wine tasting , historic neighborhood tours, day trip to Sintra, whale watching 
  • Free wine in partner restaurants
  • An App with tips to help you organize your trip
  • Airport transfer discounts
With 36 hours on the clock and no time to spare, I hit the ground running as soon as I landed and managed to get a lot done in a short amount of time.
Here is a rundown of everything I did in Lisbon in 36hrs:

Lisbon in 36 hours

La Vie Locale- TAP Stopover

Day 1

Hit the Ground Running 
Landed took the metro into the city (easy, affordable option takes about 30 mins into the city center)
Checked-in at Stay in Lisbon Hostel which is small boutique hostel well located in Barrio Alto that is full of bars, restaurants and shops. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. They knew I wanted to try and see as much as I could in a short amount of time, and helped point me in the right direction. They gave me a handy map from : We Hate Tourism Tours which aims to share with people visiting the city of Lisbon and our country, the love (sometimes hate) and experience of living in here through their network of local experts.
I dropped my bags, and hit the ground running. Since it’s winter time the sun sets early, so not only was I trying to see as much as I could in 36hrs. I was trying to see as much as possible before sunset.
Photo Credit: StayIn Lisbon Hostel
Great view of Lisbon
I was recommend to take the ferry boat ( costs 2,50€ roundtrip) from Çais do Sodre to Cacilhas, where I was told you have one of the best views of Lisbon, the 25 de Abril Bridge and even Cristo Rei statue.
For the best Pastel de Nata
It is worth it to head to the Belem neighborhood which is a little removed from the center just to try the infamous Pasteis de Belem. It is a bakery that dates back to 1837  and uses a secret recipe from the  Mosteiro dos Jerónimos that they still use today to make Pastel de Nata, a traditional Portuguese egg tart pastry.
La Vie Locale- Lisbon in 36 hours
La Vie Locale- Lisbon 36 hours
Lisbon by Night
LX Factory is an outdoor creative space with lots of cool shop, restaurants, bars that is worth checking out .
Dinner at Os Bons Malandros for Portuguese tapas, so good and cheap! I order a glass of wine, an appetizer, and main all for 13€!
La Vie Locale- Lisbon 36 hours

La Vie Locale- Lisbon 36 hours La Vie Locale- Lisbon 36 hours

 Day 2

Rise & Shine
If you want to get some nice photos of the city without the crowds, its worth it to get up early and roam around the beautiful Azulejos streets, while people were sleeping. Since I was staying in Barrio Alto there are a lot of quaint streets and the trams that make for nice photo. Then I grabbed coffee to go from Fabrica Coffee Roasters for my caffeine fix.
TAP Stopover FREE half day tour of  Casçais, Sintra and Cap de Roca
Unfortunately it was raining, which was good for locals since they haven’t seen rain  in a while and  it was much needed it, but not so great for visitors. Luckily the tour was a driving tour, so we were able to hop in and out of a van when we arrived at the main sites and the drive was very scenic. But when we arrived at Sintra to see  the icon Palace of Pena, we weren’t able to see anything due to all the fog:(
La Vie Locale TAP Stop Over
La Vie Locale- TAP Stopover
La Vie Locale- Lisbon
Rainy day ( places to escape the rain) 
Time Out Market Lisbon is located in the Mercado da Ribeira near Cais do Sodre. It’s a perfect place to go for a quick bite or drink with a  large choice of restaurants from Portuguese, Fusion, Italian, French, English, Japanese and so much more .
La Vie Locale- Pharmacia
I had a late lunch at Pharmacia, a pharmacy themed restaurant that is connected to the Pharmacy museum created by Chef Felicidade. You have a view of the city and you can find Portuguese dishes with a modern flare, and a variety of drinks/cocktails with a healthy focus.
Coffee break at Hello Kristoff Perfect place to grab a coffee and cozy up with a good read from their collection of independent magazines.
Hello Kristoff Kevin Aldrich
36 hours up- Back to the airport
After a fully packed day, in and out of the rain I was craving some nice fresh seafood, which I can’t get in Paris,  before heading back to the airport.  I grabbed dinner from Sea Me which happened to be along my walk to the metro to head back to the airport. I was able to grab a quick bite and then hopped on the metro  back to airport.
The end!!What are some of your must-do things in Lisbon?

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