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Almost Parisienne #2

Almost Parisienne

Guess what! Almost Parisienne is back! For a while I’ve been wanting to share more about my experiences here in Paris in a different format beyond a blog.  I’ve always wanted to explore video and about a year ago 2 friends ( Hanna aka @dejavutheblog and  Sutanya) and I launched Almost Parisienne You Tube channel . The main goal of this project was to share our journey of understanding/discovering Paris from our different perspectives. We managed to put out a few videos that have gotten a lot of positive traffic, but things have kind of been on a standstill ever since. A big shout out to all the Vloggers and people that manage to put out video content on a consistent basis.  We  didn’t realize how much work goes behind the process of making videos, and we struggled a lot finding time to shoot, and finding people that could help us film.

With so much support and positive feedback, it was motivaiton enough to keep things going, so that’s what we are going to do. Things have taken a little bit of a new form, and we are excited to share more!  Here is our latest video filmed by the talented Christin of CFLgroumedia. He is the best, and a master at all things visual arts, photos, video, you name it he can do it.

Photos & Video Credit: @cflgroupmedia

#staytuned for more! #almostparisienne

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