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TOP 10: Paris Vegetarian/ Vegan spots

TOP 10- Paris Vegetarian Vegan spots

This post is for all the vegetarians, vegans, and people just looking to mix things up a bit and take a little break from meat! Just a couple years ago, being a vegetarian/vegan in Paris was such a nightmare. Most restaurants didn’t know what to serve you if you asked for vegetarian options, they would often just serve a salad with a bunch of vegetables. Who wants just a salad if they are going to eat out!

Thankfully, today that is not the case. There are tons of places with veggie friendly options with fun creative recipes that doesn’t make being a vegetarian in Paris a drag! Heck, McDonald’s even serves a veggie burger now (what is the world coming to?).  In this post you will find a handy list of 100% vegetarian or vegan spots where you can eat everything on the menu without a care in the world.

TOP 10: Paris Vegetarian/ Vegan spots

Photo credit Wild & The Moon

1. Wild & the Moon
 A plant lover’s and vegetarian/vegan’s oasis.
Perfect for: Coffee, breakfast, lunch, fresh-pressed juice, healthy snacks
Address: 55, rue Charlot, 75003  | Wild Lab ( Take away only) 25, rue des Gravilliers 75003

Photo Credit- Le Paris de Laura

2. Abattoir Végetal
New addition to the Montmartre neighborhood. In French, the word Abattoir translates to slaughter house, but everything at Abattoir Vegetal is 100%vegetarian/ vegan, organic, and made with love and a social conscience.
Perfect for: Breakfast, lunch, or brunch.
Address: 61 rue Ramey, 75018

3. Saravanaa Bhavan
Is located right across the street from Gare du Nord train station. They offer close to 200 dishes from different regions of Indian can be quite overwhelming but everything is meat-free and affordably priced.
Perfect for: Great Indian food for lunch or dinner
Address: 170 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis, 75010

4. 42 Degrés
Paris’ first vegan raw food restaurant, all the dishes are cooked at 42 degrees maximum temperature to maintain all the vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients in the food.
Perfect for: A more upscale vegan dinning experience
Address:109, rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75009

Photo Credit: Tien Hiang

5. Tien Hiang
Asian inspired dishes 100% vegetarian or vegan. Beware the names of dishes on the menu still say things like “chicken curry” or “porc fried rice”, but don’t worry all their dishes are meatless. You will be impressed by the presentation of the food, some of the dishes really look like chicken or beef.
Perfect for: Meat free asian food,

6. Le Tricycle
Started their journey by bringing veggie hot dogs to Paris by way of a street food tricycle, now they a permanent restaurant located in the 10th arroindissement.
Perfect for: Guilt free hot dogs 100% vegan, great ambiance for lunch, cool art from rotating local artists
Address: 51 Rue de Paradis, 75010

Photo Credit: Jah Jah

Is a Jamaican inspired restaurant created by the owners of Le Tricycle. You can find tons of options on their menu from veggie bowls, hot dogs, fresh pressed juice, and desserts.
Perfect for: Reggae vibes, lunch, brunch, fun events like yoga lessons, movie screening, or live music
Address: 11 rue des petites ecuries, 75010

8. Hank Burger/ Pizza
Vegan burgers with original recipes, and they also have another restaurant dedicated to vegan pizza sold by the slice ( they also have gluten-free options). 
Perfect for:
A quick bite to eat, guilt-free burgers and pizza
Hank Burger: 55 Rue des Archives, 75003 | Hank Pizza: 18 Rue des Gravilliers, 75003

9. Café Pinson
Offers dishes made of vegetables, cereals, seeds and meat-free proteins. Their organic cuisine is wheat and dairy-free.
Perfect for: Coffee, lunch, and gluten-free, dairy free baked goods
Address: 6 Rue du Forez, 75003

10. Sol Semilla
Healthy super-food vegan concept store offering fair-trade products whose ingredients mostly come from South America like acerola, açai, and guarana.
Perfect for: Lunch, Superfood conconctions, South American inspired vegan dishes.
Address: 23 Rue des Vinaigriers, 75010


11. Otium Cold press & Veggie food
Otium is a Latin term for a philosophy dedicated to the time we dedicate to reflect and world on our inner wellbeing. Otium is a 100% organic, juice bar and vegetarian food restaurant that is a new edition to the Pigalle neighborhood.
Perfect for: Cold pressed juices, and veggie bowls
Address: 56 Rue de la Rochefoucauld, 75009

12. Primeur Cantine Bio & Végétale
Located in the artsy neighborhood in Belleville, right off rue Doyenz known for its beautiful street art.
Perfect for: Intimate cozy dinner, fresh seasonal products
Address: 4 Rue Lemon, 75020


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