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Paris by Vespa w/ Ride n Smile

Since moving to Paris, I developed a bucket list of things I want to do embrace my inner “Parisienne”. So far I’ve managed to cross off many things from my list, but one thing that has remained high on my list was discovering Paris by scooter. So far I have mastered Paris by almost every mode of transportation: foot, metro, bus, car, boat, and bike.

Thanks to Ride n Smile, a private and guided Vespa company, I can proudly check Paris by Vespa off my Paris bucket list. About a year ago Tom, an avid Vespa lover decided he wanted to show visitors an alternative way to discover the city.  Every time he had friends or family come to town he would take them around by scooter and they loved it. So he decided what better of a way than to zip around the city on a bright colored Vespa and discover Paris’ main sights from a different perspective. With a fleet of 5 colorful scooters, and love for sharing his city with visitors, Tom is a great guide to ride around Paris with ease.

My boyfriend and I had the chance to play tourists for the day with Tom’s 3.5 hour Paris tour. We started off the morning in Montmartre, then headed towards the Opera, Place Vendôme, the Louvre,  Notre Dame,  we rode through the small streets of Il de la cite/ Saint Louis.

Then we made our way towards the Eiffel Tower, with a pit stop at Aux Merveilleux de Fred for some delicious meringues.

Here is a little recap in photos. I wanted to take so many more photos, but since I was riding on a scooter all day I wanted to practice safety over snapping away…

Ride n Smile x La Vie Locale 1

If you’re debating on a tour option on your next visit to Paris here are 5 reasons why you should try Ride n Smile.

1. CONVENIENT– You can start and finish the tour wherever you like.

2. INTERESTING TIDBITS– beyond the general history of the classic monument, Tom provides fun tidbits that you wouldn’t easily find online. Even after living in Paris for 5 years I learned somethings I never noticed or knew about.

3. NO MOTOR LICENSE NEEDED-if you never rode a scooter before it is encouraged, but Tom can provide you a crash course how to ride one and you don’t need a special license to ride their scooters.

4. SOUVENIRS– You get to take home a keepsake Polaroid photo from your tour.

5. VESPA- My favorite part was riding around Paris by Vespa, what’s not to like about that!! I really liked the fact their scooters were simple without big stickers or logos that make you stand out like a tourist, and you could even choose the color of the scooter:)

There you have it! If your are looking for a way a different way to explore Paris your next trip, Ride n Smile won’t disappoint!

Ride n Smile x La Vie Locale 2

For more details about Ride n Smile: 
Ride n Smile – Private, guided Vespa tours
Booking: There are various tour options to choose from. Check out the different options here.
Instagram: @ridensmile


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