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The Parisian Kitchen: A must try French Culinary experience

For all the food lovers out there looking for a unique French culinary experience during your next trip to Paris, The Parisian Kitchen is an awesome option. Last week I had the chance to try one of their baking classes with with my foodie partner in crime Jessi of Ettavee (who captured the lovely photos in this post).  The class definitely went above and beyond my expectations and was the perfect way to jumpstart the week. For starters, we arrived at a beautiful apartment, greeted by tea, homemade Canelés ( speciality from Bordeaux), and meringue that Bénédicte, the founder of The Parisian Kitchen made for us.

The Parisian Kitchen x La Vie Locale

While enjoying some delicious sweets we learned how The Parisian Kitchen came to be.  In a nutshell, Bénédicte, a born and bred Parisienne, mother of three, with a former career in the jewelry industry decided she was going to take a leap of faith and explore her entrepreneurial side. By combining her love for food, passion for cooking, and hosting people, she decided to turn these elements into a one of a kind cooking experience for visitors to discover French cuisine. At The Parisian Kitchen you have a choice of cooking or baking classes in Bénédicte’s lovely apartment located  in the 17th arrondissement.


After tea and a bit of chit chat. It was time for us to learn how to bake a Chocolate Soufflé and Lemon macaroons.

Here is a little recap of the process in photos…

Photo RECAP:

Jessie & Benedicte

The Parisian Kitchen The Parisian KitchenThe Parisian Kitchen- Chocolate SoufleeThe Parisian Kitchen- Chocolate Souflee fiinishedThe Parisian Kitchen

After preparing everything we enjoyed the rewards of all our hard work over glasses of Champagne!I must say, I’ve done my share of cooking and baking classes when traveling, and this one goes high on my list of favorites. Here are a few reasons why…

5 Reasons why you will love The Parisian Kitchen:

1. Fun

I’m not normally a fan of baking as the process can be a bit tedious, but this baking class was really fun. Bénédicte’s passion for baking really shines through and she is full of helpful little tips in the kitchen like how to make your own caramel at home without burning it, down to the best type of butters or creams to use for your pastries.

2. Authentic Experience

Bénédicte is not just born and bred in Paris, she is a native to the neighborhood her classes take place. She grew up in the neighborhood, and has all the insiders tips on where to get local ingredients from the market and shops, which adds a special touch to her classes.

3. Cozy environment

Instead of doing a class in an industrial kitchen, you can enjoy cooking in the comfort of a Parisian apartment. Its an awesome opportunity for visitors to get a glimpse into an actual Parisian apartment and it creates a very down to earth, convivial experience like your cooking with friends at home.

4.Traditional dishes/ Easy to recreate

After doing a class with The Parisian Kitchen, there is no need to worry about not being able to prepare the same dish on your own. All the recipes you learn to make, are easy to reproduce at home. You learn to prepare traditional French dishes and or pastries and all the recipes call for everyday products that are easy to find no matter where you are. At the end of the class Bénédicte sends you home with all the recipes you made in the class so you you can impress your friends at  your next dinner party.

5. Hands-On

One thing I really liked about the baking class is that everything was very hands-on, compared to some other cooking classes I’ve tried that ended up being more of a demonstration rather than an actual class where you can really participate. The Parisian Kitchen classes are set up where everyone works together in paris and gives everyone in the class a chance to be involved.

Overall all, I highly recommend checking out The Parisian Kitchen during your next trip. You won’t regret it.


The Parisian Kitchen
Website: The Parisian Kitchen
Bookings:Send an email to:
Price: Baking classes 80€/ Lunchtime Cooking class with visit to local market 130€



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