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La Rentrée: TOP 5 things to Do

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After a couple months hiatus from the blog this summer, I’m finally ready to get back into the swing of things. Whether you spent your holidays traveling, beach bumming on some of the most pristine beaches, or kept things local in Paris, summer is sadly coming to an end. On a positive note, you’re probably refreshed, soaked up loads of Vitamin D to last through winter, full of motivation/new ideas, and ready to finish off the year with a bang. If you’re heading back to school or work, we all know how hard it can be to get back into a routine, to slowly start adding layers to your wardrobe, and face the realization the year is quickly coming to an end. There is no need to be discouraged, there are lots of fun things that come with this time of the year. Below you will find  some ideas of things to do, to jumpstart your return back to the hustle and bustle.

1. Paris back to life

Paris will finally be full of life again. Goodbye empty metros, streets and gone on vacation signs.  It probably feels like ages since you got together with all your Paris based friends. Gather up your troops and you can finally catch up with friends you haven’t seen this summer, and begin to frequent your favorite spots that have been closed for holidays.

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Summer in Paris hasn’t been the sunniest or hottest, but September is supposed to make up for all the horrible weather we had (fingers crossed). Make sure to check out some of the final days of  summer pop-up events  and annual festivals like:

Jazz à La Villette until Sept 13th (Annual international jazz festival).

Journées européennes du patrimoine- Sept 16-17
The 34th edition of Journées européene du patrimoine will take place throughout France with close to  17, 000 monuments and around 25 000 animations  for the public to enjoy access to places that aren’t usually open for visitors. Check out the program of events here for more information.

Summer House– Until Oct 01
Summer House is a cool summer pop-up event at the Mona Bismarck American Center filled with music, art, and delicious cocktails. It’s  tucked away in a beautiful garden just minutes away from Palais Tokyo and not too far from the Eiffel Tower.

3. Get fit

One of the great things about this time of year, is taking advantage of all the specials gyms and fitness studios have going on. It’s the beginning of a new season so you can reset your fitness goals, take up a new activity, and sign up for some of the popular seasonal races…

Upcoming races

La Parisienne– 100% Women’s 7km race- Sept 10

Nike 10km Paris Centre–  October 1

Example of current offers at the moment…

Kayjn- martial art studio
Offers over 50 disciplines of martial arts and fitness classes from boxing, judo, down to aerial classes… Right now there are offering to try out 3 different classes for free, until October 1st. You can sign up here.

Expatriés Triathlon Club
Throughout the month of September, training sessions are free for those looking to do a Triathlon or just looking to get into shape.

Chez Simone- women friendly fitness apartment is offering to test out your first class for free. Sign up here.

Affordable Yoga and Fitness– Offers a wide variety of yoga and fitness classes throughout Paris for only 6€ a class.

Photo Credit: Chez Simone

4. Try something new

What’s something you have always wanted to do, but never got around to it? Salsa dancing, theatre classes, learning to code, art classes, cooking classes? Why not take up a new activity this fall? 

Throughout Paris there are 51 different Centre d’animations that offer a wide variety of cultural activities from dance, sports, language classes, to even oenology classes. The classes are affordable, and your able to pay in function of how much you make.  So far I’ve taken African dance, Capoeira, and Film photography classes, and have loved every classes I’ve taken so far.

Cours Municipaux d’adultes, also offers French classes for foriegners , foreign language classes like Chinese or Spanish, and they also have  some other creative class like jewelry making, videography, Photoshop, or ceramics. Registration is open now until Sep 7th. Check out the choice of classes here

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5. 2017 goals Check-In

Last but not least. The year is going by at lightning speed, with only 4 months remaining. Its a great time to do a check-in of  where you are with your goals for the year? How have they evolved, what are you looking forward  to do before the year ends?

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Wishing you a wonderful return from summer! Bonne rentrée!

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