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La Vie Locale x Sisters and Suitcases

Are you low-key addicted to Instagram?  Do your thumbs get tired from scrolling and admiring photos while getting inspiration for your next trips, recipes, or outfit ideas… Instagram in my book  is a genius tool that shouldn’t be reckoned with and I have just perfect example why. It’s example of the how great a tool Instagram is a story of how looking at photos in little squares can go way beyond a screen. Let the story time begin…

La Vie Locale x Sisters and Suitcases

La Vie Locale Experience

What seems like ages ago, I was contacted by the founder of Sisters and Suitcases (Tamaya) via Instagram regarding a potential opportunity to collaborate on a project. She had reached out to me because she was in the process of launching a new travel business dedicated to creating  a travel community for women of color who are ready to awaken their inner strength and expand their horizons through a unique way of travel.  Like most people, Paris has always been on her list of places she dreamed of visiting, and she decided Paris would be the first location she would want to do a trip to launch her business. She was looking for an “experience designer”, a local expert who would work with her to design an experience that would give a group of 14 women a unique and unforgettable trip to Paris.

La Vie Locale Experience X SAS

After several back and forths via IG and email, we scheduled a time to discuss things more in detail over the phone. You know how it is, you can be a little hesitate to actually communicate with people you don’t know over social media. I think we were both testing each other to see if we were “real people”. We instantly connected, I was drawn to Tamaya’s motivation to start her project, and she really liked what I was doing with my blog.

Just a little side note…

Remember what I mentioned in my previous post, about how it is  sometimes easy to get caught up on the number of followers and page traffic, and the importance of  giving value to rewards that present themselves in other ways. Being contacted by Tamaya, was one of those rewarding moments that ensured me to continue what I am doing. I may not have hundreds and thousands of followers (yet), but the passion, content, and love is there. Quality trumps quantity in my book any day. Without ever meeting in person, Tamaya had never been to Paris before , but she trusted me with her vision for the trip to design an entire experience in Paris down from the hotel choice, daily activities, restaurant choices, to all the little details.

Ok back to the story…

Fast-forwarding months of emails planning all the trip details, phone calls, and, site visits. We successfully pulled off a beautiful trip to Paris. Tamaya officially launched Sisters and Suitcases, and was able to mobilize and bring over 14 amazing women to Paris for her first inaugural trip just as she envisioned. In the same time period, I also launched a new business dedicated to helping individuals and groups organize trips to Paris called La Vie Locale Experience.

La Vie Locale Experience X SAS

I could write for days on all the details of how amazing the trip with Sisters and Suitcases was, but I’ll keep it brief with a recap of the highlights of the trip and I will let the photos speak for themselves.

During the trip we were lucky to have two photographers, Osose a talented  photographer from Los Angeles and Christin a local Paris-based photographer/videographer to document the experience. Here is a quick recap of the trip…

La Vie Locale X Sisters & Suitcases- Paris April 2017

Trip Details

1 Experience Designer Tamaya- Founder of Sisters and Suitcases

1 Local Experience designer- Maya, Founder of La Vie Locale

2 Photographers- Osose ( LA based) and Christin of Cflgroup Media ( Paris based)

7,000+ Photos taken, and hours worth of video footage

14 beautiful women- Flew over to Paris from different states in the US for a week of adventure in Paris

What we DID

Experienced a taste of the day to day Parisian lifestyle

Walked over 75,000 steps (Thanks Fitbit:)

Explored Black Paris with Le Paris Noir

Cruised down the Seine River

Stayed in the lovely neighborhood of Montmartre at Terrass Hotel

Shopped in one of Paris’ largest outdoor markets in Bastille

What SAW

“Must-See” Sights: Notre-Dame, Sacre Couer, Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysées, the Latin Quarter

Champagne Country with a day trip to Reims, France

The Palace of Versailles


Dined in one of Paris’ oldest traditional Brasseries

Tasted wine from various French regions in a lovely Parisian home with Intertwine with Wine

We had a lovely Parisian Picnic by the Eiffel Tower with Paris Picnic

Concluded our last night at George’s beautiful panoramic rooftop restaurant

What we will never forget?

All the women we spent the week with who have become new friends, all the laughs, stories shared, and the overall high of being surrounded by like-minded women who had the chance to let go of all their responsibilities for the week, and just enjoy the beauty of traveling and discovering a new country.

Now its time to sit back and enjoy the photos….

La Vie Locale Experience X SAS

Photo Credit: @Ososee

Check out more photos here, or get a glimpse of the trip recap through  Osose’s eyes in her recent blog post about the trip.

If you want to join one of the next Sisters and Suitcases trip, check out their upcoming trip to  Amalfi Coast, Italy  October 2017

If you’re looking to plan a one of a kind trip like this Sisters and Suitcases trip don’t hesitate to head over to La Vie Locale Experience. We’d be happy to help with all your Paris trip planning needs.


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