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La Vie Locale x La Maison Arabe
If you’re visiting Marrakech and looking for a unique way to discover Moroccan cuisine, La Maison Arabe offers some pretty cooking experiences. They offer a one-hour cooking classes that teach you how to make a Tajine in less than an hour, which is perfect if you’re short on time. If you have more time it is definately worth it to try their half-day cooking experiences, which takes place in their private gardens outside Marrakech and you learn to make an entire meal (appetizer, main dish, and dessert).During my trip I was lucky not to be in a rush and took advantage to do the half-day experience, which was hands down one of the highlights of my trip.

Here is a little recap of the experience…

We started off the morning with a shuttle transfer from La Maison Arabe hotel, to their beautiful country club a little outside of the city.  When we arrived, we were greeted by Suad, our host  of the day who started the morning with a brief introduction to the history of Moroccan cuisine.  Then we learned how tanourt, Moroccan flat bread is made  by one of their experts who has been making bread for 20+ years. We also learned how to make Moroccan mint tea, which was by far one of the best mint teas I’ve ever tasted.

La Vie Locale x La Maison Arabe
After we enjoyed some flat bread and tea, it was our turn to get our hands dirty and learn how to make some traditional Moroccan dishes. The cooking class was run by three dadas (traditional Moroccan woman chefs), who talked us through all steps to  recipes to prepare our menu of the day. 

The menu of the day was:

Zaalook (eggplant salad)
Taktuska (tomato and pepper salad)

Main Course
Chicken Berber Tajine ( I made a vegetarian version)

Moroccan Milk Pastilla
Moroccan cookies severed with mint tea

The first thing on the menu that we prepared was the cream for a Pastilla dessert, so that it could have time to chill. After that we started making the Tajine, a slow-cooked dish that that is typically served with chicken, beef or fish with vegetables. Since it takes about 30-40 mins we started with this dish first so it could cook while we were making Taktuska (tomato and pepper salad) and Zaalook (eggplant salad).

La Vie Locale x La Maison Arabe

La Vie Locale x La Maison Arabe
After spending the afternoon on our feet cooking, we worked up quite an appetite. The best part was actually sitting to enjoy the food we made. The staff at La Masion Arabe were super organized to keep track of who made which dish and served us the dishes we made on their beautiful outdoor patio.  Surprisingly, all the food I prepared tasted delicious (guess I’m a great cook), and the overall experience was a perfect way to spend the day. If your mouth is watering after this post, and you’re heading to Marrakech soon, I highly recommend trying one of these experience. You won’t be disappointed!

LaVieLocale-La Maison Arabe_Fotor

La Masion Arabe Cooking Class
Website: La Maison Arabe
Instagram: @lamaisonarabecookingclasses
1 hour class: 350DH ( 35€)
Half day experience: 600 DH per person (60€)


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