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Paris Portrait #17 Featuring Amber of Intertwine with Wine

Have you ever met someone who shared a business idea with you, and you get to witness the journey of their idea becoming a reality. I’m happy to share with you this month’s Paris Portrait featuring Amber of Intertwine with Wine. Just a month or so a group of Girl Bosses got together to work on our entrepreneurial projects.  Amber shared with us her ambitions for creating a fun, unique wine tasting experience with her own special touch. We are so proud  see she has officially launched her business and she has created an experience you most definitely want to try.  Below you will get a glimpse into Amber’s journey to Paris, and the vision for her new wine tasting experience.

Meet Amber

Intertwine with Wine

Describe yourself in a few words…

I would describe myself as easygoing, adaptable and of course, a lover of all wine and food! I also love dogs!

Where are you from?

I’m originally from South Dakota, which is something that I’m extremely proud of. Most people have no idea where that is in the US (especially the French), but being from the Midwest has made me a down-to-earth, hardworking person and I never take anything for granted.

Why Paris?  

I was never one of those girls that dreamed of falling in love with a French man and moving to Paris, but that’s exactly what happened! While I was working in Napa, CA I went on a blind date with a French man and now I’m lucky enough to call him my husband. It was important to me to learn and understand his culture and where he came from, so that’s why I’m here. He is a third generation Parisian, which makes him the perfect tour guide!

In your opinion…

Paris is….eye-opening! Since living here, I’ve realized that a lot of Americans are stuck in a ‘bubble’…there’s a big world out there! This city represents cultures from all over the world and there’s history on every corner. It’s really quite remarkable!

Paris is(n’t)…a fairy tale! Yes, the bread, architecture and of course the wine is amazing, but being an expat can be extremely lonely at times. For my career, I had to start from the bottom because I didn’t speak French fluently and everyday I am pushed outside my comfort zone. Paris has taught me a lot about myself and what I’m capable of. I’m lucky to have such a great support system.

When did your love for wine  begin?

For me it began with my older sister, Ashley! She worked for a distribution company and would host wine dinners and I saw how much she enjoyed her job. I’d been working in restaurants since the age of 14 and I loved the hospitality industry. In school, I was always good at math and science, but it didn’t excite me. After graduating with a Master’s in chemistry, I wanted to stay in the hospitality industry, so wine was my answer. My sister and I both moved to Napa, CA and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Wine encompasses history, geography, agriculture, art & forces you to use all your senses…what’s not to love?!

Photo Styling: Ettavee

Where did you do your sommelier training?

In Napa Valley, I was able to work in the cellar and lab with the winemakers to get hands on experience. It was important to me to be educated so I was educating others properly. Trust me, there are a lot of people who have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to wine! I received the WSET Level 3 Advanced Certification and the Guild of Sommeliers Level 2 Certification in 2014 and I have plans to continue my education in the future.

Tell us about Intertwine with Wine….

What I realized when I came to Paris is how intimidating French wine was to people visiting the city. Wine is an important part of the French culture and it made me sad that so many people were missing out on the opportunity to embrace it. What Intertwine with Wine offers is an intimate French wine and cheese tasting experience that is hosted in my apartment. The experience focuses on the history of French wine, the different wine regions and how to properly examine a glass of wine using all your senses. I want to offer a memorable experience in Paris that will allow people to take a piece of France home with them and benefit them every time they enjoy a glass of wine!

La Vie Locale recommended wine tasting experience

What makes your wine tasting experience different than others in Paris?  

After I did some research and attended some of the different ‘english’ taught classes in Paris, I knew I could take what I have learned in Napa Valley and create an experience that sets me apart from anything else offered in Paris. I elevated the classroom style wine tasting into a more elegant, intimate and high-end experience, but in a comfortable, relaxed setting. If a large or private group is booked it is also possible to customize the experience to better reflect the needs of the group such as a birthday celebration, anniversary, etc.
Being able to relate to the people you are teaching is an important factor as well. Not being French allows me to explain French wine from an outsider’s point of view in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand. Also, tourists are looking for more unique and local experiences, which is why I offer the tasting experience in my apartment.

Where can people book a wine tasting experience…

I just launched my website which explains the experience I offer in detail along with a place to reserve a seat here!

What’s next for Intertwine with wine?

For now, I’m focusing on giving the best wine experience Paris has to offer! Life has thrown me so many surprises, so who knows where this new adventure will lead. One thing I do know, is that I’ll be enjoying a glass of wine wherever that may be!

Intertwine with Wine

TOP  5 Places to visit in Paris:

VISIT: I love the gardens throughout Paris. It’s a great way to escape the city for a moment!

EAT: FRAÎCHE (10th arrondissement) never disappoints and I just discovered Restaurant H (4th arrondissement) which is not just a meal, but a whole wine & dine experience which is what I’m always looking for.

DRINK: Les 110 de Taillevent (8th arrondissement). There are 110 wines by the glass offered in 7cl or 12.5cl serving which allows you to try several different wines. They also have wines that are rare and expensive so you can try wines that you could never afford a bottle of!

NEIGHBORHOOD: Le Marais & Saint Germain. Both are lively with great restaurants & boutique shopping.

SHOP(Wine): I don’t have any specific wine shops that I go to, but I always go to the small ma & pa shops. They always have little treasures hidden in their selections and at reasonable prices!


Follow more of Amber’s wine  adventures in Paris here…

Website: Intertwine with Wine


Facebook: Intertwine Wine

Images & Styling by: EttaVee

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