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Sweet Tooth Experience w/ Airbnb

More and more people who visit Paris are looking to discover unique ways to explore the city according to their interest. Last fall Airbnb being the innovators they are, launched an “experiences” extension to their site. They now offer a series of “experiences” that allow you to discover different activities in a given city from a local’s perspective.

If you have been following my Instagram lately you have probably seen a glimpse inside the adventures I had with Airbnb this week. Airbnb contacted a friend of mine Jessi, the creator of Ettavee to send her on one of their experiences and I got to join as her plus 1. Lucky me! Both of us being foodies, we got to do a 3-day Sweet Tooth experience.


The experience was created by Fanny, Mathieu and Julien, three young entrepreneurs with a love for food. The trio’s journey to opening up businesses  in the emerging food scene in Paris is one of friendship.  Mathieu is the pastry expert who has his own pastry shop and restaurant (Les Artizans). He is also one of the co-founders of Bulliz with his wife Lydie and Fanny (our host during the 3 days).  Julien is the chef and French gastronomy guru of the group. Him and Mathieu met during their apprenticeship at the renowned Geroge V restaurant, and have been friends ever since.

Together they created a Sweet tooth experience which is a perfect combination of all their talents, and provides you with a great glimpse into the food and pastry scene in Paris.

Now to the fun part. Here is a recap of everything we did and ATE throughout the 3-day experience!

Airbnb Sweet Tooth 3-day experience: Recap

Day 1: Puff Pastries at Bulliz

Whether you love sweet or savory—or both—Bulliz has got you covered with a variety of puff pastries.

Our host for the evening was Fanny, who recently opened Bulliz about a year and half ago with a passion to enter into the food world in Paris that she loves so much.

We started our tasting with a salty dish made from gougère, which is the salty version of the dough they use to make the traditional choux pastries.

Photo Credit @ Bulliz

After the salty dishes we tasted 5 different choux pastries (Passion Fruit, Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Chocolate, Hazelnut). I’m not usually a pastry lover, I tend to only gravitate towards anything that is chocolate and not so much the sweet stuff. But their choux pastries were really good, they weren’t too sweet, and aren’t heavy so you can enjoy all the flavors without feel overwhelmed.


After the tasting, Fanny took us for a quick visit of the neighborhood of Faubourg Saint Denis. We went for a stroll down rue Faubourg Saint Denis which is booming with new restaurants and so many diverse choices of places to choose from. If you want Italian, Kurdish, Turkish, American, French food you name it, it is there.

Day 2: Dinner at A Noste by Chef Julien Duboué

Photo Credit: A Noste

Chef Julien Duboué is the brains behind A Noste, one of the most gastronomically innovative restaurants in town. Inspired by the South-West region of France he created a 3 –in-1 restaurant with a focus on a convivial, welcoming, warm ambience.

The space is genius. You basically have three restaurants in one. On the first floor you’re greeted by a food truck where you can order Taloa which is a typical street food dish from the Basque region of France. The other portion of the first floor is dedicated to tapas and shared plates. Upstairs you have the traditional restaurant that serves a unique 6 course menu for dinner.

We were warned to come with an appetite for dinner and I completely understand why.

Here is everything we ate that night, beware your mouth is going to start watering as you continue reading.


Day 3: Time to be the Chef at Les Artizans

With a good background into the pastry and food scene in Paris we had the chance to take our turn in the kitchen. We got to learn how to bake our very own pastry at Mathieu Mandard’s pastry shop, Les Artizans. Mathieu is a five-start pastry who recently opened up his own pastry shop and restaurant on the lively street rue Montorgueil which is another haven for foodies in Paris.

Mathieu’s pastry chef Eddy walked us through all the steps to make a Chocolate soufflé. We also got a glimpse into how physically demanding baking can be. Our arms were getting tired from stirring for just 5-10 minutes, and imagine having to do that all day. I truly respect all the work that goes on behind the scenes to make all the delicious pastries we enjoy and devour so quickly.

After we popped our soufflés into the oven and then tasted the rewards of our hard work.


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