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48 Rainy Hrs in Paris:RECAP

For some reason, London always get the bad wrap for having horrible weather. But I think it is fitting to say that Paris’ weather is pretty much the same, if not worse. Grey, cold, rainy days isn’t what most people picture for their trip to Paris. So I can understand how visitors can be easily disappointed, and unmotivated to do a lot of things they may have envisioned for their trip. BUT beyond having to wear some extra layers and trying to keep dry, there are tons of fun things to do even on a rainy day in Paris.

This past weekend two of my cousins and a friend who is an American expat living in Rome were in town visiting for birthday celebrations. It unfortunately rained pretty much the whole weekend, but we weren’t going to let the rain put a damper on their trip. We still needed to do and see as much as we could, especially since it was the first time in Paris for one of my cousins.  With our coats, scarves and umbrellas in hand we set out to see Paris sous la Pluie.

RECAP: 48 Rainy hours in Paris

Just a little background:

Cha (3rd time in Paris)- Born and bred in Harlem. A lover of all things Italian as she fell in love with the country after spending a year abroad there. She is also a lover of everything food, architecture, fashion, art and design.

Chu (Paris first timer)- Born and bred in Harlem, sports fan, open to see all Paris has to offer.

Hannah (2nd or 3rd time in Paris)- American expat from Alabama currently living in Rome. She flew over to spend the weekend with Cha who she met during her time spent studying in Rome together.

Trip Expectations: Eat well, see some of the main site, and just enjoy being in good company…


Day 1 ( Rainy pretty much all day)

Brunch chez moi

We woke up motivated to go out and explore Paris, to show our first time visitor as much as we could in the weekend. Since it was rainy we stalled from going outside over a home-cooked brunch to come up with a plan for the day.

Brunch Chez Moi

Galeries Lafayette

Indoor shopping is always a good excuse to escape the rain. So we started the day at Galeries Lafayette. This is one of Paris’ oldest department stores, which is frequently visited by tourist and can be a bit overwhelming to actually shop. But it is totally worth it to visit just to admire the building’s architecture and take in the beautiful view from their rooftop terrace. Currently,  they have a pop-up Ice Cube bar in the form of igloos on the terrace that are heated with a beautiful backdrop of the city, so we stopped in there until the rain slowed down.

PSG vs Nancy Game

Chu is a big football (soccer) fan and really wanted to see a game while he was in town.  So my boyfriend Jeremy, the Frenchy of the group who is a football fan as well. Braved the rainy elements and went to watch the game at Parc de Prince stadium.

Eiffel Tower by day

While the guys were at the game, we made a stop at the Eiffel towner. If you want to go to the Eiffel tower without a lot of crowds. A perfect time to go is when it is rainy. By the time we actually arrived, the rain had stopped and there weren’t a lot of people so it was perfect time for photo ops.


A stroll in the Marais

After visiting the Eiffel tower we took a trip to the Marais in the spirit of Fashion week to look at a few boutiques (Acne Studios & Marche Noir) and then walked towards to rue de rivoli for a little bit more shopping with a quick stop at Pompidou Museum.


Dinner and Drinks

After a little hiccup with dinner reservations we ended up free styling to find another place to have dinner near the bar we had a rendez-vous to meet friends for drinks in the 11th. A bunch of restaurants ended up being Italian restaurants, and we were with two people who live and lived in Italy so Italian food was a no go. We ended up finding a nice little French Bistro called Le Chat Bossu. The servers were very friendly and accommodating since we were pretty hungry by that point they made sure to seat us as soon as space freed up. After dinner we headed to Blue Bird Cocktail bar. The owners are an Italian-duo full of great energy, you’re guaranteed a good time with lots of laughs there.

After drinks the night night continued to Rue de Lappe a well known street full of bars,  for more drinks and dancing.

Photo Credit: Bluebird

Day 2 ( Rainy with a couple hours of sunshine)

Grasse Matinée

After going out the night before we slept in. When we woke up, it was of course raining, but that didn’t hold us back.

Intimate Wine Tasting  in a Parisian Apartment

We were invited to try a new wine tasting experience Paris that is launching very soon in Paris, called Intertwine with Wine. We got to be among the first to try this experience created by a American expat in Paris, Amber who is a certified sommelier who love for wine was birthed in Napa Valley. Stay tuned for another post where I share more details of our wine tasting experience.

Intertwine with wine Paris

Eiffel tower by night

The day before we saw the Eiffel Tower during the day. If you have time it is definitely worth it to see it at night all lit up. The rain  also makes for a great excuse to go out and take some creative reflection and puddle shots. Here is one of my favorite shots from that evening….

Photo Credit: @lavielocale

Packing and Take Out

Since it was Sunday and most places in my neighborhood  were closed, we ended up ordering food from Ubereats for dinner. Ordering food in, ended up being a great option to be able eat and have a low key night to pack before my cousins’ flight back to NY the next morning.


Et voila…. You see, we had a great weekend in Paris despite the rain. What are some of your favorite things you’ve done on a rainy day in Paris?

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