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TOP 10 Places to keep warm this Winter

Winter is here and as much as we want to fight it, layers, heavy jackets, and scarves are staples in our wardrobe right now. Today there was even the first snow fall in the Il de France region! On the bright side, when seasons change it also mean a change in the types of foods we eat and seasonal activities. For all the people that are from warm places, you may begin to ask yourself why you live in Paris and seasonal depression may be on the horizon. But don’t worry there are a few places that can transport you to sunshine, or give you a warm cozy place to hang out if you want a change of scenery from your couch and sweatpants.


Sunshine in Paris

Aloha Café has a tropical themed decor that will transports you to sunshine. This is a friendly cafe not too far from Pigalle, that is kid friendly, and serves delicious homemade baked goods. 

Natives is a new juice bar/ restaurant located in Canal St. Martin. It is the go to place for Açai bowls and Poke bowls a typical dish in So Cal especially in Los Angeles, which derives from Hawaii. It is essentially healthy dish comprised of fish (usually tuna or salmon) served over rice and veggies. 

Aloha Cafe

Cosy Cafés

Cerwood is located just a few steps from metro Jordain in the 19eme. It feels like your walking into a log cabin, with all wood interior, and they even have a fireplace that you can snuggle on the couch with a warm cup of coffee and a good book.

Cozette is introducing a new concept-‘dry bar’. It’s essentially a café/juice bar by day, and a dry bar by night where they serve a wide array of non-alcoholic cocktails in the evening with a healthy spin.

Le Barbouquin is a down to earth, local cafe, bookstore, and gallery that is a perfect place to spend the afternoon on a cold or rainy day.

Cerwood Cafe



Bol Poridge Bar is dedicated to porridge (aka oatmeal in the US). They have a menu of sweet porridge bowls and even some creative savory bowls, they also carry their own blend of tea from Artefact café.

If your craving warm, hearty mountain food. You can try Le Chalet Savoyard or Les Fondus de la Raclette for a classic fondue, tartiflette or raclette.



Lavomatic– is a ‘speakeasy ‘hidden bar inside a laundry mat near Republique. It is a perfect place to start off the weekend if you’re looking for a low key place to grab drinks.

La Recyclerie is another great option if you’re looking for somewhere to hang out, grab a drink or a bite to eat. They always have fun events going on and the deco is all from recycled materials so they have a lot of fun chairs and couches to lounge on.

Chambre Noire is a cosy natural wine bar located right next door to its sister location Cafe Chilango. You can start off with some delicious Mexican food, then grab drinks with a choice of artisanal beers, natural wines and house cocktails. 

Chambre Noire: Photocred: MyParisianlife

Where are some of your other places to cozy up in Paris? 

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