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If you’re looking for a solution to drinking enough water on a daily basis and doing so in an eco-friendly way, Drop Bottle is a great solution. I find myself drinking coffee, tea throughout the day and when I remember some water too.  I recently discovered this Melbourne based bottle brand when I was searching for a new water bottle to stop my bad habit of buying plastic bottles.

The thing I like about Drop Bottles is that they are functional, fashionable and they have a responsible sustainable focus. They are partnered with charities such as DROP4DROP and provide a percentage of their sales towards bringing clean water to the world’s poorest communities and helping to protect the environment.

Photo Credit: @lavielocale

If you have a hard time drinking water because you want to drink something with flavor. There are so many recipes you can play with to infuse your water with fruits and herbs. Here is a little recipe I put together in the spirit of the holidays in my Rose gold Drop Bottle.

//@Lavielocale Citrus Spice Recipe//

Photo Credit: @lavielocale


Pomegranate- contains high levels of flavonoids and polyphenols, potent antioxidants that assist overall health.

Cinnamon – I used cinnamon sticks or you can used powdered cinnamon which has a high source of anti-oxidants, contains inflammatory properties and helps protect heart health.

Oranges– have so many nutrients including vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, potassium, and pectin.


Add to your drop bottle and enjoy!

For more information on Drop Bottle check out their website and Instagram. They are a perfect Christmas gift!



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