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Paris Portrait # 15: Featuring Christin Bela aka Cflgroup Photography

It’s been a little while since the last Paris Portrait, but don’t worry! This month’s portrait featuring Christin of Cflgroup Photography will make up for lost time. Christin and I met this summer via social media and we connected to do a photoshoot together.  I loved all the pictures he captured and he is one of those people you just instantly get good vibes from. He is a creative that express himself through photography and videography, who’s smile automatically makes you comfortable, and he is all about connecting with people. In the world of technology, we may be so anxious to capture moments, but forget to really take in the moment, or get to know the story behind the person or picture we have captured. The heart of Christin’s work is connecting with people the environment he is around. Meet Christin and discover Paris through his eyes.

Meet Christin…

Why Paris?

I’m originally from Brazaville, Congo and haven’t lived there in a while. I spent 8 years living in South East Asia (SEA), and realized I had spent too much time alone. I was starting to miss my family who currently lives in Paris, so I decided to move here to be close to family.


If you could describe Paris in one photo what would it be…

Barbes or Chateau rough metro exist. There is always a good mix of people that best represents Paris to me.

In your opinion:

Paris is… magical! It is a city that is really unpredictable. So many different things can happen, you just have to go out and see what will come.

Paris is(n’t)… the image everyone dreams about Paris. There are the romantic aspects of the city but that isn’t everything…

When did you enter the world of photography?

I’m a self-taught photographer. I started shooting professionally in 2012 and became really serious about it at the end of 2013.

Tell us about Cflgroup Photography…

It is a creative platform that I started in 2013 where people can showcase their talents. It is a place for people passionate about photography, with an appreciation for good/quality work, connecting with people, and for people that with good vibes. For the moment there is just my work, but I aspire for it to be a space with many other creatives. You can see my journey of photography from when I started in SEA, my travels, to now in Paris. My style and topics of shooting have changed, and I like for people to be able to see the transition and growth in my work.

How would you describe your photography style…

I would say my style reflects more so how I feel. I want people to know my work without any trademarks, I want people to think about how they feel when they see my work.


Sources of inspiration ?

I don’t have one specific photographer for inspiration. I love different elements from different photographers. For example I may like the framing of one person, the lighting of another, and the retouching of another one..

What is your favorite piece of equipment to shoot with?

I’m not too into brands and cameras. Even though I have many cool toys! I like shooting with focal fix lenses because it forces you to get close to what your shooting. I like to get close to the subject and feel connected, have a conversation and then take a photo. I also really love shooting with film cameras, the process and the element of surprise is really fun to work with as well.

What’s next for you? Any cool projects in the works?

I have a few things in the works. One of the projects I’m working on is called La France caché , where I am trying  to show different sides of  Paris that are often ignored or people don’t really talk about.

Top Places in Paris to:

EAT: My mom’s food

NEIGHBORHOOD: Republique, I like going there to meet new people

SHOP (Photography related): Between Republique and Bastille on Blvd Beaumarchais there are tons of photography shops

SHOOT PHOTOS: Republique (always something going on), Buttes Chaumont

Check out more of Christin’s work here:

Instagram: @cflgroupphotography 
Tumblr: Cflgroup Photography
Facebook: Cflgroup Photography

Photos in the post are by CFLGroupPhotography

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