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Moi(s) Sans Tabac

The 1st of November is the launch of the Moi (s) Sans Tabac (the month of Non-Smoking). It is a public health initiative to provide support and resources to people who want to stop smoking. The campaign will last 30 days, based on studies that show that a person is 5 times more likely to stop smoking after 1 month of non-smoking.


“En novembre on  arrête ensemble” ( In November We will stop together)! This is the motto of the campaign, and the great part about it is that the focus of the campaign  is collective, everyone can participate. Smokers will have tons of support via social media such as a dedicated Facebook Page with resources, and announcements of events to help support smokers who wish to quit smoking. Likewise, friends and family of smokers will play a key role in providing motivation and encouragement on a daily basis!

There are also FREE kits available that have a 30-day agenda to help your journey of non-smoking, examples of how much money you can save, creative ways to eliminate stress and ways to curb the urge to smoke.


You can order your FREE kit here, or pick one up from your local pharmacy.


Join the Moi(s) Sans Tabac


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