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Imagine you’ve just booked a trip to Paris, and your’e counting down the days until you step foot in the city of lights. You have your accomidation set and a rough list of things you want to see while you’re in town. But the only thing you’re missing is a way to stay connected while you are away.

A common traveler’s struggle is disconnecting while they are traveling, yet being connected to be able to use wifi, access maps to find your way around town, or a way to call in case of emergencies.

I’m happy to say I found just found a brilliant solution to this problem, and its called INSIDR Paris.

What exactly is INSIDR you might ask?

In short it is every travelers savoir to experiencing Paris with all the resourccs and connectivty you need.

INSIDR was created by Nina and Benjamin (brother and sister team), who used to host Airbnb guests often. They quickly realized a lot of their guests needed to stay connected during their travels, with access to Wifi or a way to make calls without getting charged an arm and a leg by their cell phone providers.

So they came up with a genius solution. They created INSIDR Paris, a smartphone rental service that goes way beyond …

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How it works…

INSIDR Paris, provides a smartphone rental that is at your disposal during your stay. You can rent it for a 1-3 days, 4 to 7 days, or 8 or more days.

The phone is fully equipped, it has the following functions:

Photo Credit: Insidr Paris

Adroid smartphone

Free texting and calls in France

International calling ( Skype)

Wifi Hopspot (connects up to 5 devices)

INSIDR Tote and goodies (the welcome kit even comes with a pre-stamped post card that you can write and they will mail it for you)

And the best part is all the tips that come with it:

Insidr Tips– Once you get the phone you are apart of a Whatsap group with local experts who you can ask questions. They even send you daily recommendations of things to do based on whatever ever is going on  during your trip  (festivals, expositions, seasonal activities, weather alerts)

Maps– There are preloaded maps organized by areas in Paris with restaurants, bars, cafes, monuments flagged.

I had the pleasure of testing out INSIDR as if I were a tourist, and I must say after my time was up I didn’t want to give the phone back. I absolutely love the concept, and all the aspects work so seamlessly, I can really see how it can add a special element to someone’s trip to Paris.



Canal St.Martin

Here are the top reasons you should try INSIDR:

1.Convenient– you can reserve your phone rental before your stay. They will deliver it to you wherever you like (train station, your hotel, airport arrivals gate, you name it). The same goes for pick up when it is time to return it.

2.Easy to use– the phone is easy to use even if you are used to Iphone or another type of  smartphone.

3.Affordable– for everything that is offered the prices are extremely affordable 1-3 day 29€, 4-7 days 45€, 8 or more days 6€/day

4.Tons of resources– They have over 800 addresses to share. The INSIDR team is in the loop and always at the forefront of knowing events going on and the opening of new places.

5.Local experience– you can interact with locals, and have recommendations for pretty much anything (bars, places to go dancing, down to the best places to get your nails done… all from people that live here and really know the city like the back of their hands)

For example, if your strolling around and you want a suggestion of a place to eat wherever you are, you can send a message and you’re sure to get a response with some great recommendations you wouldn’t have been able to find otherwise

6.Great Service– the INSIDR team is so invested in providing the best experience, and they are truly the sweetest people.

7. You can even play Pokemon Go:)


If you don’t believe me check out their recent features in the New York Times, The Gaurdian and Condé Nast, for being one of the top applications to try when visiting Paris. I told you, I am not the only one that thinks they are awesome!




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