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Let’s Ride- Indoor Cycling

In need of some fitness inspiration for La Rentrée? Let’s Ride will give you just the kick in the but you need. Let’s Ride is an indoor cycling studio that opened in February. They offer 45 min spinning classes, with dynamic teachers, and banging playlists.  The owners Nicholas Chabrier and Jonathan Garret, were inspired to open Lets Ride to create an inspiring, collective experience where people can workout in a unique space that doesn’t make them think immediately about fitness.

One of the things that stood out to me about Lets Ride is the SPACE. Once you enter the studio you are transported to a tranquil, industrial chic space that is extremely spacious for Paris (360m2 it was once print studio).

There is a detox bar area in the front where you  get pre/post workout  drinks (water, fresh pressed juice), and healthy snacks.

The changing rooms are spacious as well, clean and fully equipped. There are even fresh flowers, lockers with electronic locks, candles, and pretty much everything you need if you forget something like hair ties, plastic bags for your post work out sweaty clothes, deodorant, lotion, soap, makeup remover, and even tampons!

Now on to the CLASSES

You have to reserve classes online. When you sign up for a class it comes with spinning shoes, you can choose the bike you want, and a towel.

The classes are 45 minutes taught by instructors with diverse backgrounds (professional dancers, bloggers, high level athletes, yoga…).

The class I took was with Steph, from Texas.  She was great, I loved the playlist, and her energy throughout the class.  She was coaching us from the bike and off the bike pushing us, and adding in some great dance moves in between.  The great thing about these classes is that they are a full body work on the bike, cardio, abs, and glutes all in one.

If your into spinning or want to try something new. I would definitely recommend checking out Let’s Ride. Something that makes Let’s Ride unique is that it  is not just a workout, it’s a full experience, the class, the space, the instructors, the community, it’s a whole story . They want to make sure the experience starts from the moment you enter our studio.

Check out  Let’s Ride:

Location: 21 rue des Trois Bornes, 75011 Paris

Hours: 7 days a week

Classes: Schedule and coach profiles are on their site

Price: Your first 2 classes for €25 then gradually decreasing from €25 to €16, the more classes purchased the cheaper

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