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Boneshakers Paris

Boneshakers Paris

You may know of Boneshakers doughnuts from their pop ups at different specialty cafés in Paris! Just three weeks ago they set up shop for their own doughnut shop. Paris is truly becoming a place where you can find pretty much everything on the food front. I remember when I first arrived in Paris 4 years ago there were barely any specialty cafes, no juice bars, no kale, and definitely no doughnuts!

Boneshakers is one of the pioneers of bringing delicious doughnuts to Paris, owned by an American /Irish couple Amanda and Louis. They were inspired to fill the void of doughnuts by opening up their own shop, and provide Paris with an assortment of homemade seasonal flavored doughnuts, baked in small batches. I went to test Boneshakers with my friend Ying, a pastry chef from Tiawan to catch up and show her the final version of Paris Cafes from A to Z. I tried their chocolate doughnut and Ying tried their strawberry  lemon one, and they both got our stamp of approval! They are so soft when you bite into them, and all the flavors are so fresh and rich. Some of their classics to try are their glaze with bacon, basic glaze, and cinnamon sugar! You have to grab them while they last, first come first serve once! When they are gone they are out until the next day!

Photo Credit: @applespoon

Photo Credit: @applespoon

Check them out if your in the area! Their shop is nicely located in the 2nd near metro Sentier and they serve filter coffee as well! It’s possible to have to have your doughnuts to stay or to go!

Boneshakers Paris
Address: 77 rue d’Aboukir, 75002
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10h-17h, Saturday 10h-18h
Metro: Sentier Line 3

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