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Paris in Less than 48hrs

Early this summer I hosted my cousin and her bestie in Paris. They are both Harvard Law school students, who  were doing rotations in law firms in London for the summer. Taking advantage of close proximity, they jetted over to Paris, to come visit for a  weekend. With less than 48 hours, I  took on the challenge of being their personal tour guide to show them as much of Paris as possible in a short amount. The main things on their list of things to do were to EAT/EXPLORE/SHOP. With those elements in mind I was ready to give them a glimpse inside Paris. You would be surprised how much you can get done in a day if you are on a mission.  At the end of their trip, they left with a little taste into Parisian life, and a thirst to come back and visit for a longer amount of time. I can consider my mission complete! Here is a rundown of everything we did!

Paris in Less than 48hrs…


ARRIVAL into Paris at 4:30 on a Saturday, thanks to their super delayed flight from London!With just a few hours of rest we hit the ground running…

EXPLORE… Since I live in Montmartre we started of the day exploring the Montmartre area, Place de Dalida, La Maison Rose, Sacre Coeur…

LUNCH… While we were in the area we stopped for an early Lunch  La Villa des Abesses

SHOPPING… From Montmarte we headed down to Rue de Rivolli for shopping. Walked down Rue de Rivoli, stopping along the way in stores that sparked interest.

Then we EXPLORED some more. We visited Palais Royale Gardens, The Louvre, and Jardin de Tulleries. Paris’ weather is quite unpredictable even in the summer, and it unfortunately started pouring so we didn’t make it to our next stop which was the Eiffel Tower.

In any case, we didn’t let that rain on our parade. We took advatage of the rainy time to do some more shopping for wine, and other goodies.


We had dinner at a cool place called Da Vito. It’s a descreet little pizzeria near Bastille. Within the restaurant there is a little secret  door that leads to Moonshiner cocktail bar that is a nice intimate place to meet up with friends and enjoy some tasty cocktails.


By this time of day, I was pooped ( I’m sadly getting old, I can’t hang like I used to). But they had other friends from their school in town, that wanted to take them out.With some go to night time suggestions, Favela Chic, and Comptoir General,  they linked up with their friends for a night out on the town.

DAY 2:

We got a late start, recovery was necessary from the  previous jam packed day. We managed to make it to BRUNCH at SUNSET, which is a perfect way to start of a Sunday. They have a pretty comprehsive brunch menu which includes: fresh pressed orange juice, tea or coffee, homemade scones, your choice of main course, and dessert ( their pancakes are the best), and they even serve mimosas. We spent the afternoon eating, by the time we finished it was already time for them to head to their train back to London.

RETURN-Eurostar back to London… THE END

All in all, the trip was a blast. If you are planning a trip to Paris, and want suggestions on things to do, or assistance planning your trip with an insider’s point of view, don’t hesitate to contact me!





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