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The interactions with the people you meet during your travels, is one of the richest parts of discovering a new place. Meet some of the kind spirits that I met during my time in Djerba!

Mohammed, Desert Guide

Nejib, Spice Shop owner

Nejib was super friendly. His spice shop is located in the central market of Midun. He had many pictures in his shop of travelers who have visited his shop, and he happily showed me his stash of pictures. We chatted for a while about how he used to live in Paris, his memories are very faint as he moved to Djerba when he was young and hasn’t been back since. He was so happy to take a picture, and reminded me of the joy of actually printing pictures and mailing them. He gave me his address and asked us to mail it to him!

Berber rug shop owner

I can’t remember his name, but I remember his kindness and patience. I was on a mission to buy a rug, and he took out so many different ones, until I found the one I liked. He gave me a “special price”, and even threw in a free pottery bowl and postcard!

Women of Djerbahood

Girl in Djerbahood

People of Djerba

Calesh Driver 

The beach was less than 400 meters away, and the Calesh driver offered to take us. It was really hot so we hopped in. He was excited to have someone to take around, he sang for us, and introduced us to his horse that he named Bill Clinton.

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