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The concept of ordering take out is on the rise in Paris. Two years ago when I was when I was working at a restaurant I noticed, there was a scooter delivery services that would come pick up orders for clients, and deliver directly to them at home. Genius! If you’re feeling lazy but really want that burger from your favorite restaurant, there is a service that will cater to your needs. Now a days more and more restaurants are partnering up with delivery services to have their food in the comfort of their own home. Heck, there is even a company that will deliver a picnic spread to you in your preferred location.  Convenience is always a treat, and from my observation it is something Parisians are dabbling into every once and a while, but people still like sticking to the basics and going out to eat. For those rainy days, or days you just doing feel like cooking, here are some of the different delivery services in Paris, with their own unique take on delivery.

Take Eat Easy

Eco friendly, delivery by bike. You can choose from a wide variety of restaurants according to the arrondisement your odering from in Paris in 8 minutes from the restaurant to your door.

take eat easy


Delivery service that gets your food to you  by bike or scooter and it is partnered with many restrauants in Paris. You can order food to your home or office for a 2.50€ flat rate delivery fee, and receive your food in 32 minutes.


Tok Tok Tok

As I mentioned previously Tok Tok is one of the first delivery services I noticed in Paris a couple years ago. They have over 150 partners of restaurants in Paris, and they deliver 24/7 by bike, scooter, and car.

Tok Tok Tok

Uber Eats

In August of this year Uber introduced a new service beyond personal car services. They have now thrown in food delivery as an option when you open up the Uber application. UberEATS curates different  menus each day by local partnered restaurants. For the moment UberEATS is only available during lunch time hours.


Paris Picnic

This summer I  came across Paris Picnic, and thought it was a unique idea. Picnics are common activity in Paris, and Paris Picnic has found away to take care of all your picnic needs. All you need to do is tell them your location (select parks and locations they deliver to), and they will take care of the rest.  Personally, I like taking the time to plan out a picnic and all the little details and food to bring. But again the conveince of just showing up, and having a picture perfect picnic spread is ideal for some.

Paris Picnic

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