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8 Tips to Save Money and still be Social living in Paris

Paris, like most big cities are expensive to live in. Maintaining a social life on top of the high prices of the everyday cost of living, isn’t always an easy task.  The other day I was doing some accounting and was a bit shocked at how much all the coffee dates, dinners and drinks amounted to in one month. So I started to think what are other ways I can still hang with friends and save a bit of money. I noticed that the months I don’t do much I tend to save the most, but who wants to just stay in and miss out on all the happenings going on. So this lead me to think of  more budget friendly options, that are equally engaging ways to socialize instead of quickly resorting to a coffee date or heading to dinner or drinks.

Here is La Vie Locale’s curated list of 8 ways to socialize with friends while saving a little cash!

La Vie Locale

8 Ways to Save Money and still be Social living in Paris

1.Cooking Nights

Save yourself the headache of finding a place that isn’t too crowded, or too noisy you can’t even hear yourself speak, why not host a brunch or dinner at your place. You can prepare a menu and everyone brings ingredients and you can prepare the meal together. Or you can host pot-luck style and everyone bring a dish prepared already. It’s a more hands on activity, and you can enjoy the lovely meal you and your friends prepared together.


2. Free Events

Despite what you may think, there are actually loads of free things to do in Paris. Keep your eyes open in the ANous (paper in the metro), or sites like Sortir aParis, or Paris Friendly, that curates list tons of interest events going on that are free or affordable.

3.Workout together

Why not link up with a friend to go running, go for a nice walk in the park ,or try a new fitness activity together. There are many fitness groups in Paris that are free, and fun to go with a friend.

Check out previous post on staying fit options here.



Try something new with friends, like taking a cooking class. The Federation Française de Cuisine offers free classes in the different outdoor markets throughout Paris. You can also try and learn something new like urban gardening, or wood making at La Recyclerie. There are tons of places throughout Paris that offer workshops.


 5. Groupon

For those not familiar Groupon France is an awesome site to get discounted deals on activities ,restaurants, or spas. When you do want to go out for drinks or dinner, why not scope out a Groupon deal, and have a nice menu for a fraction of the price. La Forchette is another good site for getting discounts on restaurants in Paris.

6. DIY Spa Night

Invite some friends over and have a DIY spa night over wine and girl talk. You can make your own scrubs, facials, mani -pedis, and just hang out with friends while pampering yourself at the same time.

7. Movie Night/ Game Night

Invite friends over and have a movie night, or catch up on your favorite series with a DIY snack bar. Or if you are looking for something more interactive why not have a game night. When is the last time you actually played a game? Board games, card games, or even drinking games. The possibilities are endless!


Last but not least! Go out and explore. Paris is your playground. There are so many places in this city you have probably never visited. Got out and be a tourist! You can meet up with friends to go for a nice walk and just see where you end up. If your into photography, photo walks are also a nice way to hang and snap some cool shots you probably never would have the time to take.

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Well there you have it. I hope these ideas provide you with some alternative activities that can switch things up and save you a little bit.


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    Omolayo Nkem
    April 6, 2016 at 9:56 am

    I’m such a fan of everything here, especially number 8. Now that it is getting warmer, I have no excuse NOT to do that!! :) so much too see!

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    April 11, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    Can we try these out once I’m there? Although I doubt I’ll have a place big enough for movie night or cooking, lol

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    July 4, 2017 at 9:09 am

    Paris! I would definitely visit that place someday. Thanks for the money saving tips.

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