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Paris Portraits # 9: Stéphanie of Bresma

If you love discovering local brands, you will enjoy this month’s Paris Portraits featuring Stephanie. She’s a former freelancer who used to work for designers related to design , fashion and textiles. She recently decided she wanted to launch her own jewelry and accessories brand , to channel her creativity into her own projects. Her collection began with signature hand-died scarves, and has evolved to beautiful jewelry pieces. Step into the world of Stéphanie as a designer, and discover Paris through her eyes.

Meet Stéphanie…

Photo Credit: Jib Peter

Describe yourself in a few words.

I’m a Stéphanie, creator of an accessories based in Paris.


Yes,I’m from a suburb a little outside of Paris.

Explain to us in a few words what is Bresma ?

Bresma is my accessory brand  of jewelry and scarves (mainly for women), that started in November 2014. The line has a responsible focus, with small productions, all materials are from France, and everything is handmade ( the scarfs printed in Lyon).

Photo Credit:Jib Peter

What inspired you to start Bresma?

I used to do freelance projects working with different creators, or had small contracts working on projects related design and textile, fashion. At first I wanted to do a line of T-shirts, but they already so many brands that did  T-shirts in Paris. Since I was a little girl I used to take my father’s scarves, and loved them as an accessory.  So I did some thinking and thought I would start a small collection of scarves.

I like to work a lot with symbolism, with my first collection I concentrated a lot of birds, and I looked up the names of different birds to name the different pieces. Now I do both scarves and handmade jewelry.

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How would describe Paris in …. ( 3 words)

Lively, Discovery, Magic… In Paris there is always a lot going, I like to just go for walks and see  what I discover, which makes this city magical.

What color would you choose to describe Paris and why?

Blue. I actually looked up the symbolism of the color blue and it means serenity, discovery, tranquillity. Some of the words to describe blue actually matched quite nicely with the words I used to describe Paris. For some people they see Paris as stressful but for me, with my routine and habits it feels like a familiar/ safe place for me.

Paris in Color Nichole Robertson

Where do you like to go when you’re seeking inspiration or to relax in Paris?

For inspiration for Bresma I  really like to go to the Museum of Modern Art for their interesting exhibits and it gives me different perspectives I can use for me line. La Maison Rouge is also a nice gallery of contemporary art that has different visiting exhibits, that you can try to catch while they are in town. To relax I like to go to coffee shops, and in general I enjoy Paris in the morning time, when everyone is at work. Going to the movies in the morning is the best because you have the whole theatre to yourself.

Where could we catch you on a Friday night?

Quai d’austerlitz. There are a lot of cool bars along the seine.

What is your favorite neighborhood ?

Nord Marais, Canal St. Martin/ Canal de l’ourcq

What is your favorite place to buy art/jewelry supplies ?

I like to find things in different stores in the 3eme arrondissement or I like to go to ‘Brocante’  second hand, vintage sales throughout Paris to find interesting things.

If you had to leave Paris tomorrow, what would you miss the most?

Boulangeries ( bakeries). Good bread is really hard to find when I leave France for holidays or to live. I would really miss fresh baguettes and pastries.

Top 5 places you recommend in Paris for someone visiting:

1. Take a ride on the Bus 21- If you want a different perspective of the city, hop on the bus 21 and it passes through a lot of the tourist areas ( Louvre, Opera, St.Michel, Luxembourg)

2. Museum of Modern Art ( Museum)

3. Jardin du Luxembourg (Park)

4. Vieux Montmarte… Near Sacre Coeur

5. Lily of the Valley ( Tea Salon)

What’s next for Bresma?

I would like to start to develop more pieces for men, and continue to put more focus on responsible/eco-friendly products.

Where can we follow you… Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest?

Instagram: @bresma_accessories

Pinterest: Bresma

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