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Paris Portraits #5: Hanna of Dejavutheblog

In the spirit of the New Year, this month’s Paris Portrait is featuring Hanna of Dejavutheblog. Hanna and I met about a year ago and we clicked right away. She is full of energy,  super creative, a Parisian socialite ( the go to person for all the cool parties in Paris), and she is a master at styling, personal shopping, and helping people clean out their closets. If you are looking for some styling tips for your new look for the year, or advice on the best way to de-clutter, and organize your closet, Hanna is your girl.

Keep reading for more info on Hanna, her motivation for starting Dejavutheblog, and her love affair with Paris.


Meet Hanna…

How would you describe yourself in a few words?

Creative and happy spirit who was named Hanna Thedros 32 years ago and I love to laugh.

Where are you from?  What brought you to Paris?

I was born and raised in Sweden by parents from Eritrea and 6 years ago I decided to live my dream and move to Paris. I wanted to be in a city where there were no limits when it came to creativity and to learn French!

What keeps you here? 

The energy! I love the dynamics in this city and you never know what’s next! There is so much creativity flowing around and I’ve met so many interesting and creative people that later became family.

In your opinion… 

Paris really isthe best playground I’ve ever played on!

Paris isn’t… as glamorous as people might think. ‘It’s hard in them streets’ as they say.

What is Dejavuttheblog ? 

My friends got mad at me for not posting enough pictures on Facebook about my life in Paris when I first moved here so I thought I could keep them posted via a blog. Now, I talk about everything from styling to the best burger joint in town.


What does style mean to you? 

Style for me is a way of telling who you are without using any words. For me, I love dressing after my mood that particular day so that I feel connected to the fullest with who/how I’m presenting myself to the world.

How would you describe your style?

My style is very simple! It’s a mix of street and chic. I love mixing old with new I often get inspired by people I see on the streets of Paris, the latest trends on the catwalks. Then I mash it all up and put it all together.


What are your favorite places to get inspiration for outfits/styling in Paris? 

The STREETS!  You can check out my People in Paris series on my blog that showcases Paris street style, and you will see why the streets of Paris are such a great source of inspiration.

What is something you can’t leave home without? 

Carmex and hand cream! Haha! Ain’t nobody got time for dry lips or ashy hands!

Favorite Fashion bloggers? 

I go by Frankie, now known as Freddie Harrel! She ROCKS!

Top places in Paris to…

EAT : I discovered a new chicken joint in town not so long ago called Gumbo Yaya and it’s so GOOD!

DRINK: Lone Palm ( delicious cocktails)

DANCE: Where ever Dj Baba Flex is mixing! If not, Favela Chic is a spot where I have danced till early morning many times…

SHOP: Hard one but I will say & Other Stories. It is impossible to visit that store without buying something.

EXPLORE: Grab a Velib or rent a bike for the day and go around town!


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