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Paris Portraits # 4: Yukiko Illustration Student

If you haven’t already noticed my site has gotten a little face lift. If you’re wondering who did  the illustration for my new logo it is thanks to a very talented illustration student, I recently met by way of Instagram. I shared with her my vision of what I was doing with my blog, and she was very keen in helping me bring all my ideas together through her illustrations.  She is a new arrival to Paris, originally from Japan, an extremely talented self-taught artist ready to take her illustration skills to the next level, and discover all Paris has to offer.

Meet Yukiko…
Meet Yukiko

Describe yourself in a few words?

My name is Yukiko, and I am from Japan.  I am a self-taught artist and I love doing illustrations and creating many different things.

Why Paris?

Life in Paris has always been interesting to me because of  the fashion, the lifestyle, and it is very artistic. Since I love drawing and want to do it professionally I came to Paris to start a one year Illustration program.

If you could describe Paris through an illustration what would you draw?

I would draw a little café, or people walking in the street, the beautiful buildings. Things you see in everyday life, not so much the touristy things you automatically think of.

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When did you start drawing? How did you learn?

I started drawing illustrations officially about 2 years ago, but I have always loved drawing since I was little.

How would you describe the style of your work, what is your creative process?

I am still discovering my unique style. So I usually start by getting inspiration from Instagram or Pinterest, then I try to replicate what I see, and little by little I incorporate my unique touch or style to the different things I draw. That is how I originally started to teach myself how to draw. I like realistic, contemporary surreal type of drawings.


Where do you like to go when you are seeking inspiration in Paris?

I like going walking around the Marais. There are many different small art galleries in the area that have many different styles of art that I can’t necessarily draw but it gives me inspiration for my work.

Favorite materials you like to work with? What are the best places to buy art supplies in Paris?

I really like working with calligraphy pens to draw and mechanical pencils. In Paris I like to go to ADAM art store near  to get different supplies.

What is the biggest thing you had to adjust to living here compared to home?

I guess the sense of security. I live in one the suburbs outside of Paris, and sometimes there are guys just hanging outside my building making noise and trying to annoy people. I never see this type of stuff in my town in Japan and it makes me feel a bit uneasy sometimes.

Where can you find little pieces of home here in Paris? 

In the area near Opera there are many Japanese restaurants and stores where I always run  into people from Japan.

Yukko's Art Post

Top 5 places your recommend for someone visiting

1. Centre Pompidou (Contemporary Art museum)

2. Azart Design Bookstore ( concept bookstore near Canal St.Martin)

3. La Defense (tall buildings , bit different vibes from the rest of Paris)

4. Marais (nice area to just go for a walk)

5. Honor Café (outdoor coffee stand)

What’s next for you?

I would like to become a professional illustrator and do some freelance work after my studies. In the near future I would like to further develop my own brand and business for my illustrations.

Yukko's Art Post

Where can we follow your work and adventures in Paris? 


Facebook: Yukko’s Art Post



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