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Paris Portraits #1: Matthias of NSAP

Do you ever find a brand that you really like instantly, and want to know more about the concept?  A couple months ago I discovered Nous Sommes à Paris (NSAP) T-shirts in a cool concept shop near canal St.Martin called La Passerelle.  I started to follow their brand via Instagram, and added it to my list of places to learn more about. I had the pleasure to finally meet Matthias the brains behind this clothing brand that explores Paris through street wear. We had the chance to discuss many things from how to balance a startup while working full time, his favorite places to shop in Paris, down to the elements that really make up this city to him.


Meet Matthias…

Mathieu Street

Describe yourself in a few words.

My name is Matthias, I’m 27, I’ve been living in Paris for the past 8 years.

Where are you from? What has brought you to Paris?

I’m from Nice in the south of France. I came to Paris for my studies in marketing and communication. Now I am working as a manager  for  brand where I am in charge of sales for the past 5 years in Paris. I also started a clothing brand called NSAP 1.5 years ago.

NSAP Paris...

In your opinion:

Paris really is…” Home sweet home to me!”

Paris isn’t…SUNNY, Paris has it all but it is just missing the sun on a regular basis!

How would you describe NSAP?

NSAP stand for Nous sommes a Paris ( We are in Paris). It is a ‘prêt à porter’, ready to wear brand for men and women. The collection consists of T-shirts and sweatshirts that promotes and urban and poetic  version of Paris. The line is minimalist, and uses comfortable 100% bio cotton, text/phrases (mainly French), with connotations of Paris inspired from different parts of the city we like.




How did you get the idea to start NASP?

I’ve always wanted to start a clothing brand. I never had a precise idea of what I wanted the brand to be.  My business partner (Raphael) and I really love Paris, so we decided to start NSAP in 2013 to showcase all the things we love about Paris. We wanted to create a brand that captures Paris, but also has a cool (street wear vibes), but also something elegant, that French people and people from other places would enjoy.

What’s the most rewarding things about having a  ‘startup’ in Paris?

The most rewarding thing about having a start up is actually realizing your project. Seeing your ideas become something tangible is an achievement in itself. It is cool to see your growth and progression of your business from start to where it is now and it’s potential future. It is very rewarding both professionally and personally. There is always something new to learn, and that keeps me going!

Biggest challenge having a ‘startup’ in Paris?

Time!!! Since I work full time and I run NSAP on the side, the hardest thing is finding enough time to do everything. Since I know I have limited time, I try my best to optimize my time on my days off, lunch breaks, and evenings, and try to find the best balance between my professional job, and continuing the growth of NSAP.

Where do you go when you’re seeking inspiration  for NSAP in Paris?

‘Partout’, everywhere!  Paris is a city full of inspiration. When I walk down the street I may see someone’s style and that inspires me. I may read  a phrase that I like for a T-shirt, and I write it down. Music, photos, architecture… you name it. I try to be really attentive of my surroundings and curious which gives me ideas and new thoughts for NSAP.

NASP Inspiration

How would you describe your style?

A while ago I used to be really into flashy colors. Now since I’ve been in Paris I really like wearing black, or grey or dark blues.

Meet NSAP Matthieu

What are your staple items in your closet?

Black T-shirts, jeans, and Doc Martins.

Favorite places to shop in Paris?

Etienne Marcel- there are many shops and new concepts shops in the area. This area has inspired our line, we even have a shirt that has Etienne Marcel on it.

Top 5 places you recommend in Paris for someone visiting

1.Montmartre (Cool area & great view of Paris)

2. Nanashi ( French/Japanese Fusion restaurant)

3. Merci Concept store ( they also have a cool used book store coffee shop)

4. Jardin du Luxembourg ( Park)

5. Grand Palais (Museum) they often have really cool exhibits and a diverse amount of events going on

What’s next for NASP?

Develop more commercial partnerships. Expand NSAP in more stores in France and abroad…

Where can we keep up with NSAP…

Website/ E-Shop:


Boutiques: List of shops you can find NSAP

Paris with Love NSAP

NSAP Paris with Love T-Shirt

Thanks NSAP for the great T-shirt!

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