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About last Night: 13 Nov 2015

TGIF I thought! Happy it was the weekend,  and I was ready to head out of town Saturday morning for a weekend in the south of Brittany.  I decided to have a low key Friday night at home since I had to get up early for an early morning train! Normally, I would go out for drinks or dinner with friends in one of our favorite areas near Republique, that is full of life on the weekends and not too far from home.

I was in chill mode from a busy week, candles lit, listening to music taking a bath in my own world.  I started getting many messages on my phone, and got out to check. Completely clueless as to what was going on, I was receiving messages from friends and loved ones checking if I was OK. What do you mean am I OK…what’s going on? I turned on the news to find out what exactly was going on. Messages on the news were so confusing with early developments… explosions near Stade de France, shooting at a restaurant with 18 dead…hostages at Bataclan… I couldn’t help but panic. My  boyfriend got tickets last minute from work to go to the football game and was at the Stade de France. I kept calling to find out if he was safe and couldn’t get in touch with him. Full of emotions, confusion, and trying not to work myself up, I was comforted in the solidarity of my friends in  Paris and from a far  all checking in to find out if we were safe.

I finally got in touch with boyfriend and he managed to leave the stadium a little before the match ended and made it home ok. The night was a roller coaster of emotions. We stayed up late watching the news, inboxes flooded with messages from friends and family, and we were completely  in shock of  the proximity of all the attacks of places we frequent on a regular basis.

We tried to get some sleep and disconnect a bit until more information was available. The next morning we woke up early to see if we could make our train out of town for the weekend as originally planned. Unsure if we should stay home for the weekend or try to leave, we decided to still try. The streets of Paris were so quite, we made it to the train station with no interruptions of the metro, and was surprised how calm things were. No extra security present at the train station, just stillness.

I’m current outside of Paris for the weekend, but my mind is with all the families and friends who lost someone last night. My heart is heavy, feeling a since of helplessness, and so many questions as to why? Charlie Hebdo earlier this year and  now this in 3 random different locations, is truly unsettling. The thing that is comforting is the since of togetherness in Paris, we are all in this together and everyone seems to be looking out for each other. In the mean time we can only wait  to get more clear information on what happened,  and continue to pray for Paris and the rest of the world  that is in turmoil right now!

I am thankful that all my friends here are safe, but we are all touched by someone we know who was affected last night. We are scared, but we will be strong and positive!

Illustration Credit: AnthoDraw
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