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Afro: 100 Portraits of Natural hair in Paris by Rokhaya Diallo



On the 4th of November the talented journalist and writer Rokhaya Diallo released a new book called Afro that promotes the freedom to where and embrace your natural hair.  The natural hair movement is on the rise in Paris and this book is comprised of a series of 100 portraits of men, women, French people and foreigners  in Paris that rock their natural hair shot by the photographer Sombié, Rokhaya. Each portrait is accompanied with each person’s journey  and experiences with their hair in Paris.


If your interested in the author’s previous work, the book Afro follows a book called Pari(s) d’amies,  which was another collaborative work in the form of a comic book with illustrations done by Kim Consigny. The book tells the story of a group of 5 diverse young girlfriends living in  Paris highligihting their different culutral backgrounds, and experiences they encounter from each of their perspectives living in Paris as a minority.

I have only heard good things about these two books and I am putting them on my holiday wish list for any one who wants to offer me one! I will gladly accept:)

For more info about the author or to order one of the books, click here. Also for those interested, on the 5th of December 2015 Rokhaya Diallo will be hosting a debate called Libérer les cheveux: Nappy or not Nappy?  in collaboration with Musée Dapper in Paris.





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