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Here are some answers to some Frequently asked questions about La Vie Locale…

Could you tell us more about you?

I’m Maya.  Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and I have lived and traveled to many places in between, currently based in Paris.  I’m a lover of all things related to fitness/wellbeing, I thrive off of travel and meeting new people, I find great pleasure in discovering the many savors this world has to offer through food, and purely love this journey called life.

Where are other places you have lived/traveled?

I have lived in Los Angeles, CA, Madison, WI, Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic, NYC,NY, Sevilla, Spain, Paris, France, and Sydney, Australia.

I have traveled to a great amount of states in the US, and 30+ countries in 6 continents.

How long have you lived in France?

I’ve been living in Paris for 4 years. I moved here in 2011 to do my Masters, of which I completed in 2014. Now,  I am currently experiencing the transition from being a student to working in Paris in the public health field and running La Vie Locale on the side.

Why did you choose to do a Master in Paris? Which Master did you do you?

I was living in Spain for a year to teach English prior to the time I moved to Paris. During my year in Spain I planned to apply for Master of Public Health programs during that year. I fell in love with Europe after traveling around quite a bit, and  felt like there was so much more I wanted to see, so I explored the options of looking for a Master’s program in Europe. I was open to location but my boyfriend was in France so finding a program there was ideal. I did a Master of Public health at a French School of Public health called Ecole des hautes etudes en Sante Publique. It was an international Master based in Paris for 2 years. One of the cool things about the program was that courses were in English (didn’t know a word of French when I arrived), and the program has partnerships with Mailman school of Public Health at Columbia University in NY, so you have a lot of professors that come and teach here in Paris for this program.

How did you finance your Master abroad?

Compared to US tuition, doing my Masters in Paris was a great deal (4,800euros/year). The first year I took out a small loan( 6,000€) to cover my tuition, and worked part-time to pay my housing and living expenses. Then the second year, I worked during the summer to save, and worked part-time during the school year. If you’re thinking about doing a Master in France check out my resources page for potential funding sources to finance your studies in France.

What does La Vie Locale mean, and why did you decide to start it?

La Vie Locale

In French it translates to ‘local life’. The main concept behind  this blog is to discover the city from a local more genuine perspective. For the first time in many years, I have lived consecutively in the same city, and have really had the chance to embrace the bliss of getting to know this city, as well as learning the ins and outs of settling here. I love to discover Paris through its many activities, meeting new people, food, sports, taking in all the beauty around me, and merely just exploring and seeing where this journey will take me.

Did you speak French before moving to Paris?

Nope, not a lick. I knew Spanish already so that helped a bit in the beginning. My French is a work in progress but I have learned through talking with people versus formal classes. My first year I worked as a babysitter teaching kids English, which helped my French. Kids speak really simple, and it helped me gain an ear for the language. French grammar is tough so I am taking formal classes now to take my French to the next level.

I am coming to Paris and need some suggestions on places to stay and things to do?

Check out the Local City guide section titled Visiting Paris, which outlines some cool things to do, as well as places to eat. You can also check out the following post which shares suggestions of Places to Stay in Paris.

I am moving to Paris and I am looking for some resources that can help my transition smoother?

Check out resources page with a list of practical tips to moving and settling in Paris.

I really like your photos did you take them all? Can I use some of them?

Most photos are original photos of LaVieLocale unless otherwise stated. Feel free to use the photos you like if you give back credit to @LaVieLocale.

I hope you will enjoy experiencing Paris the #lavielocale way, and if you have any questions about moving to Paris, or need help planning your trip feel free to contact me at lavielocale@gmail.com

Check out a full post I was featured on by The Culture Bazaar, which  further details my experiences living in Paris as an expat.


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