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Top 7 places to shop to decorate your new place

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If you have successfully mastered finding a flat in Paris, you can now focus on settling into your place and making it a bit more cozy. Are you are wondering where you can find decorations from your Pinterest inspired boards for your new place in Paris, or basic staple items like sheets, towels, blanket, pots and pans?

Apartments in Paris generally run small, so it takes a bit of creativity to best organize your space, to figure out how you will store your clothes (since most places don’t have built in closets), how you tuck a way suitcases, and all the things you may have over packed for your time in Paris. Things can be a bit spread out throughout the city, and you have to have an idea of what you are looking for to go to the right place to find it. To save you the trouble of running around the city and coming back empty handed, I have put together a list of various stores that will help you in your journey to decorating your new little home away from home in Paris.


Home Goods Stores:

Ikea Navette

IKEA– If you want to get everything you need in one shot, IKEA is the place to go! There are no IKEAs inside of Paris, so you will have to take a little excursion to get there, but everything is accessible by public transport.  From Gare du Nord you can take the RER E to the IKEA in and then take the bus  108 or 110 to IKEA. It is best to go on the weekends when your pass Navigo is zone free.  There is also a free shuttle option that leaves from Opera de Bastille on Wednesdays and the weekends. Check out more information on how to get there and the shuttle schedule here.


TATI– There are several TATI stores throughout the city and you can get a variety of items (kitchen ware, bedding, bathroom supplies) at an affordable price. The Barbes location has a large selection of things to choose from.


Castorama & Leroy Merlin- Reminds me a bit of home depot. The have hardware supplies  as well as appliances, decorations, kitchen ware, bathroom supplies, things to organize your place like shelfs, bookshelf, and other small furniture.

HEMA– If you want a convenient place to find basic staples for your apartment like kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies, or things to organize your place, Hema is a good option. There are several locations throughout Paris, and the prices are pretty reasonable.

MUJII– Is a new Japanese lifestyle store that sells home goods, stationary, and clothing.  The concept of the store is very basic and minimal,  with much attention to the Japanese asthetic of “su”- which means plain or unadorned. You can find some cool things to organize your place, or to decorate, candles, and nice things for your kitchen. MUJI is currently located only at Chatelet le Halles Shopping centre.


Leboncoin– If you are looking for second hand goods for basically anything. Leboncoin is like France’s craigslist. I have bought many things from Leboncion like an armoire, dresser, shelves, and other random things for my place. The only challenge is making your way home on the metro with whatever you purchase. If the item isn’t too big you can enlist a friend to help you or try and take a taxi back home, if the driver agrees.

Good luck putting your personal touch on your home away from home.

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