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Hermitage BoatWhen you think of St.Tropez you most likely automatically think of jet set lifestyle, luxury, parties, yachts and  beaches .Well it definitely is all of those things, and it could easily be a trip that breaks your pockets if you’re traveling on a budget. I had the chance to visit on of my friends from Paris that was working seasonally during the time of the Cannes film festival, if it weren’t for her I probably would have never planned a trip to St. Tropez.

Seeing as how I am by no means a high roller, I still was able to find things to do that I could afford and truly had a wonderful time in Saint Tropez. Here are some #LaVieLocale approved recommendations on things to do and see when visiting Saint Tropez.

Getting to Saint Tropez

There is no Airport or Train Station in St. Tropez, so from Paris you have several options to get to St. Tropez by train or flying.


If you don’t mind traveling by train you can take a TGV Train from Paris to Saint-Raphael –Valescure Train Station. From there you can take a bus directly from the train station for 3 euros to Saint Tropez, and it takes about an hour and a half. Check out the Verlib site here for bus routes and timetables.

The other option could be to fly from Paris to Toulon or Nice and take a bus or ferry to St. Tropez. If you book in advance you can find cheap flights and it only about an hour flight. Depending on the season you can take the Ferry with Bateaux Vert, or the Bus.


Saint Tropez is really small, so you can spend your first day  just visiting the city then taking day trips outside of St. Tropez.

Fish Market- If your staying in an apartment or accommodation where you can cook, there is a fresh fish market near the old port.

Old Port St. Tropez– for more artisan, quaint boats walk around the old port and take in the charm of the area before entering the realm of yachts and flashy boats in the more modern port.

Citadel- Walk up to the Martime museum, and walk around for great views of  Saint Tropez

Chanel House

Chanel House- Go to the courtyard in the back of the house, it is really nice. They don’t allow you to take pictures so I couldn’t show you, but take my word for it and go and see for yourself.

Stroll- just go for a walk, at almost every corner you turn you can’t help but admire  the cute little courtyards, the beautiful doors, balconies, and seaside views

La Vie Locale in St.Tropez


La Grenier-  is a nice beach easy to access in Saint Tropez

Grenier Beach





Escalet House Costal Walk Escalet

Ramatuelle and L’escalet- is another nice beach which is outside of St.Tropez. To access it you can  take a bus from the Saint Tropez bus station, or go by car or scooter. L’escalet is really beautiful. It it surrounded by beautiful homes in the hills, and there is a nice coastal walk you can hike, in addition to soaking up the sun and swimming in the crystal blue water

Photo Cred- Abricot Cannelle

Les Porquerolles– is a nearby island with pristine blue waters. I didn’t have a chance to squeeze this into my trip but you can by shuttle boat. At the old port  there is the Bateaux Vert stand  that offers boat shuttles for day trips to this island.


La Tarte Tropezienne- Grab breakfast from the famous Boulangerie ‘La tarte Tropezienne’ which is known for their typical cakes from the region that date back to 1955. It is a combination of brioche dough and cream filling that symbolizes pleasure, holidays, and summer.

If you want to splurge and have a nice scenery, you can choose from several restaurants  along the Old Port, and admire all the beautiful yachts.

For some equally nice restaurants without a view you can go near Citadel that are several places with reasonable menu options.

Restaurant l’olive- I tried this place because they had the most  decent menu for 20 euros  (Entrée, Plat, and Dessert)compared to 50 to 60 euros and up for the other surrounding restaurants.  I ordered fish which was really fresh and the food was overall pretty good.

Barbarac- For some really tasty ice cream try Barbarac right in front of the Old Port. This place is always busy, and they have so many delicious flavors to try from

Yaca– Is a 5 star  small boutique hotel near the Citadel area, and the décor of this hotel is really beautiful. Have a breakfast in the courtyard garden. It’s a bit  pricey 25 Continental Breakfast and 30euros for Buffet. They also have a restaurant that opens in early June once the summer season begins.
DIOR House- This is another option if you are in the mood to splurge. You can get all dressed up with friends and head to the DIOR house for brunch (30euros).

Les Brevades- St. Tropez- I happened to run into a parade for one of the town’s traditional holidays celebrated in May ( Les Brevades ). It is a celebration that celebrates the military achievements of patron Tropeziens where they walk around  they town with a marching band, and make stops to salut different veterans of the town.


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