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Kiss Eternal Love Goodbye- No more Love Lock in Paris

Lock Bridge‘Love Locks’ on the Pont de Arts bridge is a popular activity on many tourists list of things to-do in Paris. Around one million locks have been placed on the bridge to symbolize eternal love, weighing about 45 tons. Unfortunately the 19th century metal grill panels cannot withstand all the love that has been placed on it by ‘love locks’, which has caused several panels of the bridge to collapse last year. The question of Safety over Culture has been the debate by city officials since last year. In the end safety has taken the precedent and June 1st-_ June 8th all the locks will be permanently removed and replaced by transparent panels.

Lock Bridge

The #NoLoveLocks campaign supports the protection of conserving the Paris’ historic structures and educating the public on the negative effects of placing locks on the fragile Pont des Arts bridge. They also promote sustainable tourism and suggest less destructive/creative ways for those wanting to display their love in Paris. For all those coming to Paris to visit this summer, don’t be disappointed you won’t be able to add a lock to the bridge! Instead, get excited and begin brainstorming new ways you can leave you mark of love in Paris.

What are some creative ways to show you plan to share you love in Paris?

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