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What do you think of when you hear Yves Saint Laurent, Jean-Paul Gaultier, or Christian Dior? Paris and its high fashion, luxury, and the general glamour associated with this city. Of course, who wouldn’t.  On the other hand, living in Paris you see on a daily basis people sleeping in the metro, or asking for money or food on the street, which are also images that are  apart of the fabric of Paris. Given the fact that, in France over 140,000 people are homeless, among which 30,000 are children, this issue will only continue to worsen if it continues to be ignored.

Since March 31st, winter shelters in Paris have closed, and thousands of homeless people are back in the streets. The Aurore association has brought homelessness to the forefront through a recent campaign that launched last week in Paris. Their goal is to reinforce their 3 missions which include: housing, care, and integration to help mobilize those living in the streets and isolated from society in Paris. Aurore created a very clever communication campaign that is based on  a series of posters that play on words from three big names of luxury brands, combined with the names of three homeless protagonist; Yves Sans Logement, Jean- Paul Galère and Christian Dehors.

Meet –Yves Sans Logement (Yves without housing)

 Yves sans logement
Yves and tens of thousands of people live on the streets, isolated and excluded. Since 1871, the association Aurora hosts , maintains and supports nearly 20 000 people per year, and serves 540,000 meals per year.

Meet- Jean-Paul Galère (Jean- Paul Struggle)
Like Jean Paul , there are many people living in precarious situations that suffer illness and don’t have access to the necessary care and treatment.

Meet- Christian Dehors (Christain, Outside)
Christain Dehors
As Christian, a number of people are lacking employment, and are in need of the necessary professional support to regain a foothold to succeed in their professional and social integration into society.

Underneath each of the photos there is the message

“Ayons l’élégance d’aider ceux qui n’ont rien.” (Have the elegance to help those who have nothing.)

In line with the theme of luxury brands and the diverted shock of the images, this phrases is simple yet does a good job at getting peoples attention.Over the course of ten days, 1,000 poster will be posted throughout high traffic areas of Paris, to improve the visibility of this campaign. Unfortunately due to lack of resources, this campaign won’t last long, but Aurore is trying to maximize the messages of this campaign through social media and visibility throughout Paris.

If you want to learn more about Aurore campaign and ways to help follow the link here. Also if your looking to find  other ways you can help in Paris.

Check out Openmind Evasion  which is a local group in Paris which organizes and promotes cultural events. Every month they help to provide some extra love and attention to people living in the streets of Paris, and they are currently collecting clothes and funds to help provide food and clothing to those in need in Paris. If your interested in lending a helping hand feel free to contact them at

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