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Today I tried Nike’s We Run Paris running sessions. A year and a half ago Nike opened a Running Specialty store in Paris , that focuses solely on running shoes/ gear, and offers daily events to enhance your running for races, beginners running sessions, and girls only runs. Today’s run was a 5k run throughout St. Michel with three training stops in between (1. running drills 2. sprint intervals 3. legs and core). If you like group runs, there is great energy with the team of Nike Coaches, motivating music beaming from their portable speaker backpacks, and it is a chance to have scenic run through the city.


Werunparis 4



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    #Fit Paris – La Vie Locale
    March 2, 2016 at 2:32 pm

    […] offers free running trainings departing from the Nike Running store in the St. Michel. Each session has different targets, some […]

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