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Photo Diaries- Picnic at Parc de Belleville

Yesterday was one of the hottest days we have had this year (26°C+), and you can  see the shift in energy. Paris definitely comes to life when the weather is nice, and one of the most popular things I see people doing to enjoy the sun is PICNIC. We don’t have the pleasure of being close to a beach or having a lot of green space, but we do have the Seine, many parks and canals,  that many people flock to on a nice day.  Yesterday afterwork  my boyfriend and I went to Parc de Belleville which is right near our house, and took in the last rays of sun before the sunset. Parc de Belleville is great because it located on a hill so you have a great view of Paris ( you can even see the Eiffel Tower). Here are a few photos to capture everyday life in Paris.

Baby Actionshot_Fotor Path Little Girls playing_Fotor  Two guys_Fotor Friends and Family Eiffel Tower view_Fotor Couple_Fotor People with view

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