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Moving to Paris

Paris is always a good idea

Thinking about moving to Paris to study, learn the language, Au pair, open a business, or just to take a year off and enjoy all the city has to offer?  Paris is definitely an expat friendly city, that has a wide ranging amount of opportunities for everyone.


I have been living in Paris since 2011 and never would have thought I would be an expat living abroad, yet alone living in Paris. It is funny how life presents different opportunities, twists and turns, that end up taking you to unexpected places. Originally I took a year off to teach English in Spain, and to improve my Spanish skills with the hopes of returning back to the states to start a Masters program in Public Health . During my year in Spain I had the chance to travel throughout Europe, interact with many different people, and really felt like I had more to see and explore before moving back to the states. So I began looking for Masters programs abroad, and found the best fit program form me which happened to be located in Paris. I liked the idea of moving somewhere new, learning a new language, and getting my Masters in a country where the health care system has great successes. I applied, got accepted and made the move to Paris. Things moved pretty fast between the time I finished up my time in Spain, to the time I needed to go back to the US to take care of all my visa paperwork, then make the move to Paris before my program started.


Photo Credit: Ana Raginesi


I kind of jumped in head first without looking back, which worked out in my benefit. However, in hind sight, I have recognized ways that I could have saved myself from a lot of stress if  I would have done a few things differently. This year will be 3 years that I am living in Paris, and I feel like I am adjusted, I know the city like the back of my hand, and I would like to share some practical advice that I have learned along the way. Stay tuned for tips to finding an apartment, moving without knowing the language, opening a bank account, and the basic necessities to getting set up. It is definitely a process that takes time, an open mind, and lots of patience, but there is so much that you will enjoy in the process.


‘Paris is always a good idea!’

If you have any specific questions about moving to Paris don’t hesitate to ask.

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